Week 1 Football Picks

After a one-year break, the HS football picks have returned!

See who Mark Spillane (@MarkSpillane_), Jacob Cersosimo (@JacobCersosimo), Chris Neyenhouse (@NeyenhouseTV),  Jordan Burton (@thejordanburton) & Chris Parker are picking below.


Nixa at Webb City

Mark Spillane: Nixa
Jacob Cersosimo: Nixa
Chris Neyenhouse: Nixa
Jordan Burton: Webb City
Chris Parker: Webb City

Branson at Joplin

Mark Spillane: Joplin
Jacob Cersosimo: Joplin
Chris Neyenhouse: Joplin
Jordan Burton: Joplin
Chris Parker: Joplin

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Carl Junction at Ozark

Mark Spillane: Ozark
Jacob Cersosimo: Ozark
Chris Neyenhouse: Ozark
Jordan Burton: Ozark
Chris Parker: Ozark

Republic at Carthage

Mark Spillane: Carthage
Jacob Cersosimo: Carthage
Chris Neyenhouse: Carthage
Jordan Burton: Carthage
Chris Parker: Carthage

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Willard at Neosho

Mark Spillane: Willard
Jacob Cersosimo: Willard
Chris Neyenhouse: Willard
Jordan Burton: Willard
Chris Parker: Neosho

Bolivar at West Plains

Mark Spillane: West Plains
Jacob Cersosimo: West Plains
Chris Neyenhouse: West Plains
Jordan Burton: West Plains
Chris Parker: West Plains

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Glendale at Waynesville

Mark Spillane: Glendale
Jacob Cersosimo: Glendale
Chris Neyenhouse: Glendale
Jordan Burton: Glendale
Chris Parker: Glendale

Hillcrest at Kickapoo

Mark Spillane: Kickapoo
Jacob Cersosimo: Kickapoo
Chris Neyenhouse: Kickapoo
Jordan Burton: Kickapoo
Chris Parker: Kickapoo

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Lebanon at Parkview

Mark Spillane: Lebanon
Jacob Cersosimo: Lebanon
Chris Neyenhouse: Lebanon
Jordan Burton: Lebanon
Chris Parker: Lebanon

Camdenton at Rolla

Mark Spillane: Camdenton
Jacob Cersosimo: Camdenton
Chris Neyenhouse: Camdenton
Jordan Burton: Rolla
Chris Parker: Camdenton

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Seneca at Aurora

Mark Spillane: Seneca
Jacob Cersosimo: Seneca
Chris Neyenhouse: Aurora
Jordan Burton: Aurora
Chris Parker: Seneca

McDonald County at Mt. Vernon

Mark Spillane: McDonald County
Jacob Cersosimo: McDonald County
Chris Neyenhouse: McDonald County
Jordan Burton: McDonald County
Chris Parker: McDonald County

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East Newton at Rogersville

Mark Spillane: Rogersville
Jacob Cersosimo: Rogersville
Chris Neyenhouse: Rogersville
Jordan Burton: Rogersville
Chris Parker: Rogersville

Nevada at Springfield Catholic

Mark Spillane: Nevada
Jacob Cersosimo: Nevada
Chris Neyenhouse: Nevada
Jordan Burton: Nevada
Chris Parker: Nevada

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Monett at Reeds Spring

Mark Spillane: Reeds Spring
Jacob Cersosimo: Reeds Spring
Chris Neyenhouse: Reeds Spring
Jordan Burton: Reeds Spring
Chris Parker: Reeds Spring

Lamar at Marshfield

Mark Spillane: Lamar
Jacob Cersosimo: Lamar
Chris Neyenhouse: Lamar
Jordan Burton: Lamar
Chris Parker: Lamar

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Cassville at Hollister

Mark Spillane: Hollister
Jacob Cersosimo: Hollister
Chris Neyenhouse: Hollister
Jordan Burton: Hollister
Chris Parker: Cassville

Clever at Central

Mark Spillane: Central
Jacob Cersosimo: Central
Chris Neyenhouse: Central
Jordan Burton: Central
Chris Parker: Central

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Ash Grove at Diamond

Mark Spillane: Ash Grove
Jacob Cersosimo: Ash Grove
Chris Neyenhouse: Ash Grove
Jordan Burton: Ash Grove
Chris Parker: Ash Grove

Marionville at Stockton

Mark Spillane: Marionville
Jacob Cersosimo: Marionville
Chris Neyenhouse: Marionville
Jordan Burton: Marionville
Chris Parker: Marionville

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Forsyth at El Dorado Springs

Mark Spillane: Forsyth
Jacob Cersosimo: Forsyth
Chris Neyenhouse: Forsyth
Jordan Burton: Forsyth
Chris Parker: Forsyth

Ava at Buffalo

Mark Spillane: Ava
Jacob Cersosimo: Ava
Chris Neyenhouse: Ava
Jordan Burton: Ava
Chris Parker: Ava

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Fair Grove at Mountain Grove

Mark Spillane: Mountain Grove
Jacob Cersosimo: Mountain Grove
Chris Neyenhouse: Mountain Grove
Jordan Burton: Mountain Grove
Chris Parker: Mountain Grove

Strafford at MV-BT/Liberty

Mark Spillane: MV-BT/Liberty
Jacob Cersosimo: MV-BT/Liberty
Chris Neyenhouse: MV-BT/Liberty
Jordan Burton: MV-BT/Liberty
Chris Parker: MV-BT/Liberty

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Osceola at Jasper

Mark Spillane: Jasper
Jacob Cersosimo: Jasper
Chris Neyenhouse: Jasper
Jordan Burton: Jasper
Chris Parker: Jasper

Greenfield at Appleton City

Mark Spillane: Appleton City
Jacob Cersosimo: Appleton City
Chris Neyenhouse: Appleton City
Jordan Burton: Greenfield
Chris Parker: Appleton City

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Lighthouse Christian at Pierce City

Mark Spillane: Lighthouse Christian
Jacob Cersosimo: Pierce City
Chris Neyenhouse: Lighthouse Christian
Jordan Burton: Lighthouse Christian
Chris Parker: Lighthouse Christian

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