Fair Grove’s Derrick to fulfill golf dream at Price Cutter Charity Championship


The Price Cutter Charity Championship brings golfers from around the world to Springfield to battle on the Korn Ferry Tour.  

This year, fans from the Ozarks will have one of their own golfing, in Brock Derrick. 

Playing pro golf isn’t always what you think.  

“I actually sold my home last year and my truck, and I purchased a little Honda to get me good gas mileage which I have slept in,” Derrick said.  

For Brock Derrick, it’s about saving strokes and a few bucks when he can.  

“I stay in a lot of people’s houses, people are real generous at letting me do that,” he added.  

Before all of this, Derrick’s interest in professional golf began at an early age.  

“My dad took me out there {Price Cutter Charity Championship} I was about 10, so I was old enough to not make a bunch of noise at that point and I thought it was the coolest thing on earth. The guys walking by giving me a high five as a 10-year-old,” said Derrick. 

Growing up in Fair Grove he was a regular fan at the Price Cutter Charity Championship. Sparking a love for golf.  

“I started playing golf at a real young age, my dad entered me in the Springfield City Championship when I was six,” he said. 

Many years later, Derrick golfed at Evangel before turning pro in 2019.  

“Taking that status to be a professional golfer I thought it would make me carry myself as a professional golfer,” Derrick said.  

This July Derrick gets his big break, after mostly playing on the All Pro Tour, he got the call to make his Korn Ferry Tour debut at the Price Cutter Charity Championship.  

“I started crying, then kind of felt like I was going to throw up for a little bit, then I immediately called my dad. I’ll never forget giving him that hug when I saw him, it was something I wanted to do my whole life, it’s a dream,” Derrick said.  

His Korn Ferry debut will come on a familiar course with familiar faces in the crowd.  

“Something a lot of pro golfers really never get to do is play in front of their hometown, and I get a chance to do that,” he added. 

A chance he plans to take full advantage of.  

“The experience is going to be big, but I guess I want to prove to myself that I can play with them. Give me a little bit of confidence with these Monday qualifiers and hopefully get into more Korn Ferry {Tour} events,” said Derrick.  

Derrick says he will play one tournament before the Price Cutter Charity Championship in July and spend the rest of his time practicing.  

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