Kickapoo’s Robarge looking to build on national record

One of the best ways to live life is to do what you love.

Kickapoo senior Spencer Robarge embodies that motto every time he throws a strike.

“I watch bowling, I think about bowling. I do pretty much anything there is about bowling,” Spencer said.

“He started when he was four years old. He was hooked on it when he was throwing a 12 pound ball and he [was] 40 pounds,” said Spencer’s brother and Kickapoo Bowling Coach Blake Demore.

Spencer never put the ball down. Now as he prepares for his senior year at Kickapoo, he’s made quite a name for himself.

His 33 sanctioned 300’s are more than any other youth bowler in the nation. The best part is that only includes official competition.

“I’ve had 300’s in bowl-outs, which is bowling league, not at the specific time, which counts for league awards but not for national awards,” Spencer said. ” I probably had three or four in that and practice 300’s I couldn’t tell you.”

At his best, Spencer really doesn’t miss.

“I [once] had 28 in a row, 28 strikes in a row,” he said.

When it comes to throwing strikes, his passion is a family affair.

“I will say I do have the high set in the family still,” Demore said. “His high set is 847 and mine is 878.”

Demore has his own list of accomplishments, having bowled several tournaments with the Professional Bowling Association.

“I still have him in 300 games too. He’s catching up to me though,” Demore said. “Right now, I think he needs 14 more. I’m at 46 right now.”

It’s a family record that Blake is happy to watch his brother knock down, all while watching Spencer extend the youth record he already holds.

“Right now, I have the record by two. Hopefully, by the time I age out, I can get it up to 10 and what not,” Spencer said.

It’s a goal he’ll chase one strike at a time.

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