Two friends reunite, bringing comic relief to summer ball

“We went from small town Missouri to the opposite sides of the country, it was like, man,” said former Mountain Grove baseball player Jacob Mitchell.

After winning a state championship together at Mountain Grove, these friends were split up.

“I went to BYU and he went to Longwood University in Virginia,” former Mountain Grove baseball player DJ McNew said.

But this summer, the gang is back together.

“Are we talking about DJ and Mitchell? Oh my, yeah they make it a lot more fun,” said Bolivar grad and Texas Rangers pitcher Connor Sechler.

“We just like to bring energy,” Mitchell said.

Together, Jacob Mitchell and DJ McNew add showmanship to the Show Me League.

“We definitely feed off each other, when one of us is down, we pick each other up,” McNew said.

Picking things up right where they left off — from different time zones, to now only 90 feet apart. The two are holding things down at first and second base. But this reunion actually started about a year ago, when they both transferred to Drury for their senior seasons.

And for one more year, the back and forth will continue at Drury.

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