Summer league keeps Drury national champ close to the game and program he loves


The beauty of basketball is that you can play it during any stage of life.

“I feel it the next day… so it is tough but it still is fun,” said former national champion Drury basketball player Brandon Lockhart.

For Lockhart, basketball was a stage of life. He played point guard for the 2013 National Champion Drury Panthers as a college senior. But at this stage, he plays for the love of the game and the cardio.

“It’s a fun way of working out,” Lockhart joked. “A little easier than just running up and down at least we get to make a few baskets now and again.”

Even though his glory days are in the past, these summer basketball games give Lockhart reason to smile.

“It is fun to kind of reminisce and think about the good times we had during that season,” Lockhart said. “So yeah that is still the talk of a lot of the conversations that I have.”

He has kept tabs on the Panthers ever since.

“That’s one of the reasons I like to play in this league just because I get to see some of the local talent around here and see the schools out here,” Lockhart said.” But of course, I got a closer eye on the Drury players.”

And this national champion likes what he sees from the present-day Panthers.

“Getting to see them up close and personal, it’s fun,” Lockhart said. “I think they are a pretty good team this year.”

It’s a good team getting a good summer tune-up versus one of DU’s all-time greats.

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