Nixa ready to serve up first season of boys volleyball


Volleyball in Missouri is no longer just for girls.

“We are the first Southwest Missouri school to start the boys volleyball program and be MSHSAA sanctioned,” said Nixa Boys Volleyball Head Coach Annie Zimmerman.

Nixa is adjusting to the first boys volleyball season sanctioned in Missouri.

“It’s been a learning period for sure,” said Nixa junior Jacob Fogle. ” There’s a lot of growth since we first started. It’s a lot better.”

These Eagles vary in experience, with some never before playing competitive volleyball.

“We have four wrestlers, we have a boys basketball player who has also joined us, and soccer,” Zimmerman said. “So yeah we have a mix of everything.”
“I mean I figured they would start from basics,” said Nixa senior Sam Eriksen. “So I figured that is a perfect opportunity for a new player to start.”

Others grew up playing the sport.

“We do have one or two kids who play competitive club, so that’s been a huge benefit to us,” Zimmerman said.

The Eagles may be green, but this still is a historic year for the volleyball program.

“It’s pretty special, it’s pretty cool,” Jacob said. “It is something I will be able to tell my kids and grandkids. I was the first part of [this team] so it is just really neat to me.”

Nixa is diving into the season head first.

“Honestly just as much as they [do not know what to expect], I have really no idea what to expect,” Zimmerman said. “I think there are going to be some really high level teams. I think there are going to be teams like us that this is their first experience.”

The Eagles are optimistic.

“I definitely hope we can go far,” Sam said. “I mean that would be crazy going far in our first year of volleyball. We are going up against some pretty tough opponents.”

Nixa’s season started on Saturday in Kansas City. Their first home game is on April 5.

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