Athlete of the Week: Allyssa Joyner, West Plains girls basketball


The West Plains Lady Zizzers are back in the final four for the third straight season.  

The Lady Zizzers are looking to repeat as state champions – while proving people wrong.  

“A lot of people doubted us after last year and losing Ashton (Judd),” said West Plains girls basketball coach Scott Womack.  

There’s no replacing Ashton Judd, who was an all-state player that went on to play at the University of Missouri, but someone has to step up. 

“I feel like we always have one player step up in that role and Allyssa has stepped up for us this year big,” said West Plains senior Zoey Williams.  

“I think she learned a lot from Ashton, and she wanted to step in that role as you see she brings the ball down for us a little bit,” Womack said. “Last year, we counted on Ashton to rebound but Allyssa has kind of said ‘I want to take her spot’ and she’s really worked to get to that point.” 

But Allyssa is not Ashton and is now paving her own way.  

“She’s really done a good job of stepping out and shooting the three this year, but the other thing that she’s done really well is stepped in and been a rebounder for us,” Womack said.  

She’s the Lady Zizzers’ leading scorer averaging 16 points and 7 rebounds a game as the leader of this final four squad.  

“She’s the one that probably all of them look to most of the time each game,” Womack added.  

Rightfully so, as she’s a 1,000-point career scorer as a junior and has the experience to back it up.  

“Coach told me, three final fours for my freshman, sophomore, and junior year is incredible, especially for our senior class too. It’s just amazing coming back (to the final four),” said Allyssa Joyner. 

And she’s getting more comfortable on the big stage. 

“I was terrified my freshman year going to state, huge court, huge fans, and now I’ve just progressed. Last year, I was like ‘yeah I’m a little scared’ and this year I feel a lot of confidence going back to the final four,” Joyner said.  

Confidence that’s needed for the Lady Zizzers to go back-to-back.

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