Area wrestlers qualify for Class 1 state girls wrestling tournament


The area is sending 31 girls to the Class 1 state wrestling tournament in Columbia Feb. 22-23.

Cassville was the top finishing area team taking second with 137 points, which was 4.5 points behind champion Holden. The Wildcats had three individual champions in Annie Moore (115), Kailey Artherton (120) and Faith james (130). Cassville qualified five total wrestlers for the state tournament.

Seneca was the only other area team with multiple invidual champions with Liberty Cornell (155) and Isabella Renfro (190) bringing home titles.

Elizabeth Henderson from El Dorado Springs rounded out the individual champions for the area with a championship at 135 pounds.

Big 8 team champion Marshfield finished third in the team standings with five state qualifiers. Conference rival Nevada took fifth qualifying four wrestlers.

Find full results of the medal rounds and qualifiers below.


1st Place – Emma Lewis of Lone Jack
2nd Place – Kaiden Conard of El Dorado Springs
3rd Place – Teja Bradley of Adrian
4th Place – Xaveria Dawn of Nevada

1st Place Match
Emma Lewis (Lone Jack) 36-3, Sr. over Kaiden Conard (El Dorado Springs) 30-6, So. (Fall 3:14)
3rd Place Match
Teja Bradley (Adrian) 15-18, So. over Xaveria Dawn (Nevada) 27-10, So. (Fall 1:20)


1st Place – Haley Brooks of Holden
2nd Place – Aleah Conard of El Dorado Springs
3rd Place – Mary Jastal of Monett
4th Place – Ja`Miyah Johnson of Hillcrest

1st Place Match
Haley Brooks (Holden) 41-3, Fr. over Aleah Conard (El Dorado Springs) 35-14, Fr. (Fall 4:59)
3rd Place Match
Mary Jastal (Monett) 37-7, So. over Ja`Miyah Johnson (Hillcrest) 18-8, Sr. (Fall 3:39)


1st Place – Makayla Mallatt of Butler
2nd Place – Alyxandrea Keifert of Marshfield
3rd Place – Sydnee Baldwin of Nevada
4th Place – Kayrie Burdett of Monett

1st Place Match
Makayla Mallatt (Butler) 20-0, Sr. over Alyxandrea Keifert (Marshfield) 44-5, So. (Fall 1:59)
3rd Place Match
Sydnee Baldwin (Nevada) 44-7, So. over Kayrie Burdett (Monett) 23-11, So. (Fall 2:21)


1st Place – Annie Moore of Cassville
2nd Place – Macey Greene of Holden
3rd Place – Louzella Graham of Seneca
4th Place – Jenna Spencer of Monett

1st Place Match
Annie Moore (Cassville) 40-5, Sr. over Macey Greene (Holden) 29-9, Fr. (Fall 1:30)
3rd Place Match
Louzella Graham (Seneca) 39-10, Jr. over Jenna Spencer (Monett) 26-17, Sr. (Fall 3:56)


1st Place – Kailey Artherton of Cassville
2nd Place – Brooke Bluel of Monett
3rd Place – Macie James of Marshfield
4th Place – Adasyn Yoder of Holden

1st Place Match
Kailey Artherton (Cassville) 36-6, Sr. over Brooke Bluel (Monett) 31-16, Sr. (Fall 1:28)
3rd Place Match
Macie James (Marshfield) 41-6, Sr. over Adasyn Yoder (Holden) 30-12, Fr. (Fall 2:09)


1st Place – Cooper McDonald of Sherwood
2nd Place – Skylar Cyr of Pleasant Hill
3rd Place – Skylon Boone of Warsaw
4th Place – Chloe Herrick of Harrisonville

1st Place Match
Cooper McDonald (Sherwood) 29-9, Fr. over Skylar Cyr (Pleasant Hill) 27-15, So. (MD 14-2)
3rd Place Match
Skylon Boone (Warsaw) 35-9, Jr. over Chloe Herrick (Harrisonville) 42-7, Sr. (Fall 0:51)


1st Place – Faith James of Cassville
2nd Place – Anmarie Dillon of Eldon
3rd Place – Tasia Lee of Holden
4th Place – Makayla Altic of Buffalo

1st Place Match
Faith James (Cassville) 40-3, Jr. over Anmarie Dillon (Eldon) 30-5, Sr. (Fall 3:17)
3rd Place Match
Tasia Lee (Holden) 31-6, Sr. over Makayla Altic (Buffalo) 32-8, Fr. (Fall 2:57)


1st Place – Elizabeth Henderson of El Dorado Springs
2nd Place – Nikeshia Davis of West Plains
3rd Place – Ariaha Mcillwain of Marshfield
4th Place – Teighan Carson of Osage

1st Place Match
Elizabeth Henderson (El Dorado Springs) 29-11, Jr. over Nikeshia Davis (West Plains) 35-4, So. (Dec 5-2)
3rd Place Match
Ariaha Mcillwain (Marshfield) 40-13, Jr. over Teighan Carson (Osage) 32-14, Fr. (Fall 4:41)


1st Place – Amitria McNack of Clinton
2nd Place – Hailey Roark of Cassville
3rd Place – Charlie Gregg of Holden
4th Place – Kierstin Allen of Reeds Spring

1st Place Match
Amitria McNack (Clinton) 45-1, So. over Hailey Roark (Cassville) 37-10, Jr. (Fall 0:38)
3rd Place Match
Charlie Gregg (Holden) 25-2, Jr. over Kierstin Allen (Reeds Spring) 25-13, Jr. (Fall 2:24)


1st Place – Olivia Chapman of Eldon
2nd Place – Lauren Dale of Harrisonville
3rd Place – Teresa Dawn of Nevada
4th Place – GiGi Jones of Warrensburg

1st Place Match
Olivia Chapman (Eldon) 48-5, Sr. over Lauren Dale (Harrisonville) 27-9, Sr. (Fall 2:36)
3rd Place Match
Teresa Dawn (Nevada) 35-13, Sr. over GiGi Jones (Warrensburg) 35-12, Sr. (Fall 3:27)


1st Place – Liberty Cornell of Seneca
2nd Place – Abby Sader of Knob Noster
3rd Place – Trinity Lesser of Marshfield
4th Place – Zoey Foster of West Plains

1st Place Match
Liberty Cornell (Seneca) 44-3, Sr. over Abby Sader (Knob Noster) 48-3, Jr. (Fall 1:51)
3rd Place Match
Trinity Lesser (Marshfield) 26-9, Jr. over Zoey Foster (West Plains) 31-9, Jr. (Fall 1:25)


1st Place – Iasiah Turrentine of Harrisonville
2nd Place – Alana Thelin of Pleasant Hill
3rd Place – Blaiklee Cagle of Reeds Spring
4th Place – Isabella Whitlock of Marshfield

1st Place Match
Iasiah Turrentine (Harrisonville) 15-1, Sr. over Alana Thelin (Pleasant Hill) 45-3, So. (Fall 4:42)
3rd Place Match
Blaiklee Cagle (Reeds Spring) 40-7, So. over Isabella Whitlock (Marshfield) 37-9, Jr. (Dec 10-4)


1st Place – Isabella Renfro of Seneca
2nd Place – Aubree Castaneda of Holden
3rd Place – Taylor Glidewell of Cassville
4th Place – Ryleigh Strunk of Harrisonville

1st Place Match
Isabella Renfro (Seneca) 43-0, Jr. over Aubree Castaneda (Holden) 28-6, Sr. (Fall 0:14)
3rd Place Match
Taylor Glidewell (Cassville) 29-11, Jr. over Ryleigh Strunk (Harrisonville) 28-16, Sr. (Fall 0:21)


1st Place – Sydney Searcy of Eldon
2nd Place – Drew Leer of Nevada
3rd Place – Sarah Huffman of Versailles
4th Place – Alexandria VanHooser of Holden

1st Place Match
Sydney Searcy (Eldon) 26-8, Sr. over Drew Leer (Nevada) 18-2, Fr. (Fall 1:04)
3rd Place Match
Sarah Huffman (Versailles) 32-8, Sr. over Alexandria VanHooser (Holden) 16-8, Sr. (Fall 0:17)

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