Athletes of the Week: Glendale basketball seniors


The Glendale girl’s basketball team is turning heads this season.

“It’s a little different than years past but it’s been really fun,” said Glendale senior Meegan Randall.

Its actually much different this year.

“Going into the year we were like ‘let’s just try to go .500 or have double digits in wins,'” said Glendale senior Rachel Flewell.

The Lady Falcons hadn’t had double digits in wins in ten years, until now.

“This year we’ve really focused on buying in,” Flewell said.

“Team chemistry is also a lot better than it has been,” Randall added.

“It’s a different dynamic, we work more together than we have in the past,” said Glendale senior Skylar Bencsek.

That’s led to a more successful season than in the past as the Lady Falcons have already won 15 of their first 20 games.

“It’s really nice. There’s a lot of energy, we won two champions this year so far and it’s crazy. I haven’t won a single championship here with Glendale for the entire four years except for this year and that’s the best feeling ever,” Bencsek said.

“In years past I’ve just tried to have fun in general but it’s a lot more fun when you’re actually winning the games,” Randall said.

The team is led by new head coach Matt Powell and a group of five seniors.

Rachel Flewell controls the floor. “She calms us down. She’s averaging four assists a game, she’s getting 5-6 rebounds a game, and averaging 12-points a game,” said head coach Matt Powell.

MSU soccer commit Reilly Heman is also a key contributor. “When you have that kind of athlete you don’t want to over coach them, you want to let them go make plays and she has natural instincts. She’s just an absolute competitor,” Powell added.

Then there’s key seniors like Skylar Bencsek. “Skylar has taken massive leaps forward this year. She is shooting the ball at a great clip – she’s in the gym every day,” Coach said.

Meegan Randall is good off the bench. “She’s made a couple big shots this year. She kind of does a little bit of everything so we love bringing her off the bench and bringing that different dynamic to the game,” Powell said.

And Taija Jones plays an important roll. “Taija probably plays 4-5 minutes a game for us but it’s remarkable and she means a lot and she’s good with that roll,” Powell added.

Led by a fearless five, this group hopes to lay the foundation for a new winning tradition at Glendale.

“Us coming in and working hard shows the younger kids that to get to where we are now, we had to come in and work hard especially with our past records,” Flewell said.

Losing seasons are a thing of the past – as these five faces have changed the future of Lady Falcons basketball.

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