Athlete of the Week: Summer Kenney, Stockton



Stockton volleyball is coming off a 21-10 season a year ago, and the Tigers are returning a key piece to the team. Senior Summer Kenney is rewriting the school record books. 

“It’s just nice knowing I can drill a ball,” Kenney said.  

Stockton volleyball fans have seen a lot of that in recent years.  

“I played up to the 8th-grade level when I was a 6th grader and that’s when I started knowing this is what I was going to do,” said the Stockton senior.  

Kenney is a four-year starter for the Tigers, who really took off in year two.  

“Probably about her sophomore year is when she really started coming alive on the front row and then she just continued to grow. Even as a sophomore she led the team,” Stockton volleyball coach Amanda Walton said.  

That growth helped her surpass 1,000 career kills as a junior, but there’s more to that stat than physical ability.  

“She reads the court really well and then on top of that she can see a defense while they are setting up and then place a ball in a different spot to where they’ve already gone,” Walton said.  

“It’s something you develop over time. As a freshman, I could see what they were doing but I didn’t know what to apply like if they are going to do this hit the other way. Over time I’ve learned to think before the other team and do what they’re not expecting me to do,” added Kenney.  

That proactive approach has led Kenney to hold eight school records. Including kills in a match, season, and career, and most points scored in a career. Now in her senior season, she’s looking for more.  

“I hope to beat what I did last year, but while I’m going up make sure my teammates stats keep going up too,” said Kenney.  

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