Branson’s Jenkins juggles three sports while prepping to defend “Fittest Teen On Earth” title

How many juniors in high school do you know who can say this? “I haven’t had desert, a popsicle, ice cream candy, anything like that since like 7th grade,” said Ty Jenkins.

It’s probably the same number who can call themselves one of the Fittest Teenagers on Earth. It’s a title Branson’s Ty Jenkins earned at last year’s Teen CrossFit Games when he finished in first place in the boys 14 to 15 age bracket.

“After the games I wanted one treat,” Jenkins said. After beating the competition from 36 countries, Ty was finally allowing himself to eat one thing with added sugar. And it could be anything at all. “You can find them in gas stations all the time. They’re the little six pack of Hostess donuts.”

The sweet treat of champions. “They were so good,” said Jenkins.

That was a deviation from a strict regimen for the Pirates baseball, football and swimming star athlete. His days begin at 4:15 AM with a two-hour workout. “I get asked a lot like, ‘Holy cow, how are you not dragging when you get back to school?'” said Jenkins.

Then it’s meal number one of a 5,000 calorie day. “When I’m not working out I’m eating,” said Jenkins.

At school his physical education teachers and coaches let him continue his program during gym class. After school, the workouts continue. Then there’s the balancing act as he juggles all of his sports. “It gets pretty crazy where I have to make sacrifices for one sport or the other,” said Jenkins. “If I have colliding practices I have to communicate with the coaches.”

They certainly don’t have to worry whether Ty is staying in shape. “There are a lot of days I leave the house at six and don’t get back ’til eight at night,” said Jenkins.

Jenkins wants to play baseball in college before refocusing on a career in CrossFit after he graduates. Whatever path he chooses, Ty’s dedication has helped him catch the attention of some of the best athletes in CrossFit. Like the man dubbed the “fittest man in history,” Rich Froning, who Ty trained with recently. “He’s very good and very kind,” said Jenkins. “And it was just cool to get out there and train next to him and see how legit of an athlete he is and how fast he can go. And I mean, it just gives you something to work towards.”

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