Lebanon Retires Kelsey Winfrey’s Jersey


It’s hard to think about Lebanon Lady Jacket Basketball without thinking of their all-time leading scorer Kelsey Winfrey.  

Now, you won’t be able to go into the Lebanon gym without seeing her jersey.  

Coming into the 2021-22 season there was only one jersey that was retired in Lebanon basketball history.  However, Winfrey is now the first-ever Lady Jacket to ever get her jersey retired. 

Ever since becoming a Lady Jacket, Kelsey Winfrey has kept one goal in mind.  

“Ever since I started playing in this gym and seeing those other jerseys up there, I told myself ‘One day I want to have my jersey up there,’” said former Lebanon Standout Kelsey Winfrey.  

Now, that dream is becoming a reality.  

“It just feels super amazing,” she added.  

Winfrey is the Lady Jackets all-time leading scorer. She also holds many other records at Lebanon, which all stem from hard work.  

“I think of blood, I think of sweat, I think of tears, I think of all the lines we did in practice,” Winfrey said.  

And great teammates by her side.  

“It was great to play with Kelsey, she’s a great teammate, she always made sure that we were all involved in the game, and we worked really well together,” former teammate Maddie O’Connor said.  

“I think our number one word our senior year was legacy, and today it shows that our senior class was a legacy and it all started around Kelsey,” added former teammate Jaiden Offutt. 

Although her name will forever be in the rafters, Winfrey hopes her journey will inspire the next generation.  

“I hope that other girls can just look up there and just see the hours I put in and the hard work I put in, and it encourages them to get into the gym more to reach their dreams,” Winfrey said.  

After high school, she went on to play college basketball at Missouri, before finishing her career at Drury.  

“We finished national champion runner-up at Drury and that is probably my second accomplishment to this,” said Winfrey.  

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