Athlete of the Week: Garrett Davault, Norwood

The Norwood boys’ basketball team is coming off a final four appearance last season.  

This year, they’ve recently started their campaign to revisit the final four, or even win a state championship, and having a guy who can score on demand is a huge help.  

Basketball has been a big part of Garrett Davault’s life ever since he could talk.   

“My first word was ball, so I was two or three years old when I started probably,” Davault said.  

And he’s been getting buckets ever since.   

Garrett recently became the third Pirate to ever surpass 2,000 career points. An accomplishment four years in the making.   

“I’ve started every single game in my career at Norwood, which is a pretty cool accomplishment in my opinion,” said the Norwood senior. 

He’s never missed a game, and hasn’t missed very many shots along the way.   

“Freshman year I was like 5’11” and I made like 100 and something threes in that season, then sophomore year I probably made 80 threes, then last year I probably made 60 (threes),” Davault said.   

“He’s just a great player, his freshman and sophomore year he’s probably more of a shooter and last year he became more of a driver and slasher. He was our leading scorer for the last four years,” said Norwood Basketball Coach Shane Chadwell.   

Garrett has a chance to become Norwood’s all-time leading scorer, but isn’t letting his accolades set him apart.   

“You just always have that guy that can score, can get to the rim, but he’s a team first guy,” Chadwell added.  

So much so that he wishes the records weren’t even talked about during the season.  

“I kind of wish they didn’t keep track of points until the very end of the season when you can finally look at them all,” Davault said.  

Records aside, Garrett’s is a Pirate through and through, and looks forward to when his work compliments the entire team. 

“I don’t want to make this about myself. Last year, that was the coolest thing about the Final Four is it’s about Norwood. Norwood is at the Final Four, not Garrett Davault, Norwood. The community was there for us and it was all about Norwood,” he said.  

And he’s hoping to lead Norwood back to another Final Four appearance.  

“I’m just really excited for this year and the community has been great for us and that’s what helps us the most,” said Davault.  

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