Athletes of the Week: Brynley Brotherton & Esther Choe, Kickapoo


Just like in life, the best connections in sports are usually formed over time.

“That three years of chemistry, you can’t beat. They know each other and they know how to win,” said Kickapoo Head Tennis Coach Eric Wilbur.

That’s been proven through results.

Kickapoo junior Brynley Brotherton and senior Esther Choe have reached state in back to back years as a doubles pair.

“[They’re] probably in the top two doubles teams that I’ve [coached],” Wilbur said.

That’s because of how well these two Lady Chiefs complement each other on the court.

For Brynley, that means patrolling the back line. 

“I played soccer and that helps because that made me so fast,” Brynley said.

“She’s so fast, she can get anywhere,” Esther added.

“Her nickname is wheels and she proves it, running back and forth along the baseline,” Wilbur said.

Meanwhile, Esther is best when she’s at the net.

“She really takes care of the net, her height also is an advantage,” Wilbur said.

“It’s really fun to put them away,” Esther added. “We know what we’re good at.”

Still, it’s the mental approach that sets this duo apart.

“That’s why they get along so great and have so much success, is nothing ever really gets them down,” Wilbur said.

Even the realization that Esther’s senior season is nearing its end can’t stop these two from smiling.

“[You need to] just have fun each match, because you don’t get many, so you have to make the most out of all of them,” Brynley said.

With that approach, Brynley and Esther have their sights set on another postseason run.

“We’re hoping for at least top six at state,” Esther said.

Wilbur says that result to cap Esther’s career with Brynley would mean a lot.

“They’re about team first, and then themselves, “he said. “They’ll always say ‘the team did great,’ and then they’ll talk about themselves, so it would mean the world to me. I would give all my salary, all of my wishes on my birthday to have her succeed in that and Brynley, there’s nobody better to bring along as a doubles partner, so I hope that succeeds.”

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