Nixa grad Chase Allen is chasing more than receptions this football season

By: Taylor Kauffman

Former Nixa Eagle, Chase Allen is heading into his final season of football at Iowa State, and his time with the Cyclones has been nothing short of exciting.

“I was leaving the facility walking across the street, and I got hit by a car,” said Iowa State Tight End Chase Allen.

The summer before Allen’s freshman year started off on the wrong foot, with 104 stitches.

“One thing that has changed since then, there is now a crosswalk there. I signed it with a Sharpie, and I’m going to put a nameplate on it. So you know, leaving a lasting legacy here at Iowa State,” Allen said.

The former Nixa Eagle redshirted that fall of 2016, and since then he’s made quite the impact for the Cyclones as a three time all conference player. He had the chance to enter the NFL draft after last season, but decided against it.

“I couldn’t turn down an opportunity to play another year under Coach Campbell and get to play with the guys on the team, so that’s why I did what I did, and it gives me another year to prepare for that because you only get one shot to get in that league and you might as well make your best shot,” Allen said.

And since he decided to stay, he’s now able to benefit from his name, image and likeness through the NCAA’s new rules.

“I did shoot that commercial and my girlfriend put it together. Her older brother’s selling hats, and I totally could have asked for a cut like, ‘hey can I get a percentage of these hats,’ or, ‘can I get an X amount of money to be in this commercial?’ because that’s legal now, but I settled for dinner at Olive Garden, because he’s basically family, and that is more than enough for me. I was just happy to do that,” said Allen.

So, he didn’t actually get paid in that one, but with hair like that there might be some offers on the way.

“So are you going to give your girlfriend and her brother a cut if they really just launched your career with that commercial?” asked reporter Taylor Kauffman.

“Yeah, I mean we’ll see. Maybe it’ll open the doors for some bigger fish down the road if I do get a chance to play professionally. You know, add it to my little acting resume there, because I’m a natural on camera after that,” Allen said.

And if the acting career and football don’t work out, he’s got a backup.

“I’ll be graduating with a master’s in mechanical engineering, and the fall I’ll play my last year here at Iowa State,” said Allen.

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