Former Bears baseball star Jake Burger called up by White Sox

Jake Burger’s Twitter bio has a quote: “In order to rise from its own ashes; A Phoenix must first burn.”

For the ex-Missouri State star, that burning came in the form of two achilles tendon injuries in a 10 month span.

Now, like the Phoenix in his quote, Burger is rising all the way to Major League Baseball, being called up by the White Sox from their Triple-A Affiliate in Charlotte.

“You know, it’s a long three years, but I always look back at it and I’m thankful for what I went through. I matured a lot and kind of grew into my professional self after college,” Burger said about his injuries.

The 2017 White Sox 1st round pick says his time in college with the Bears and their run to a pair of super regionals became his foundation for pro success.

“That winning culture. That’s definitely helped me keep pushing forward,” Burger said. “In rehab as well, you know it’s like no matter what I’m going to win. You’re battling against yourself and you’re battling against a physical injury and I don’t want to lose this battle and I’m going to keep pushing forward until I come out on top.”

Now he’s reached the top of the sport by quickly climbing the ranks.

Burger played in A-Ball in 2017 before his first injury at 2018 Spring Training.

Then after the pandemic, he finally got back to professional baseball this year in Triple-A. In Charlotte, he hit .322 with 10 homers. That’s thanks to a fresh mindset he discovered when the game was taken away.

“I’m not on a training room table anymore, you know? I’m playing baseball,” Burger said. “It’s a lot easier for me to take it pitch by pitch compared to a guy who’s been healthy his entire career. I’m just happy to be on the baseball field so I’m just going to enjoy it no matter what.”

Now, he can enjoy it at the game’s highest level. Burgatron is headed to The Show.

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