Nixa grad wins Champion Athletes of the Ozarks game at the buzzer


Every sport has a particular play or plays that take the excitment to another level.

In basketball, that play might be the buzzer beater.

On Friday January 15th, the annual Champion Athletes of the Ozarks basketball game at Nixa High School featured one of those buzzer beaters.

Nixa graduate Alix Straker hit a game-winning three pointer for his team — sending the Nixa gym full of spectators and the Nixa basketball teams into a complete frenzy.

“I’ve never seen anything like that, I figured it was not going in at all,” Alix said.

When asked if it surprised him, Alix said “Yeah it surprised me a lot.”

But this isn’t his first time beating the buzzer. He says he did the same thing last year.

Not only was the shot great, so was the reaction from the Nixa fans and basketball players.

“This community has embraced people with disabilities,” said Alix’s guardian and Champion Athletes Volunteer Coach Shawn Phillips. “It’s a proud moment to see that, along with other communities that do that as well. I’m very happy and thankful that this community, and the area embrace that part of life and celebrate it.”

That’s because Alix, and his last second heroics are well worth celebrating.

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