Waynesville duo helps Tigers to a hot start


“I think everybody thinks of Waynesville like, ‘oh my gosh we have to beat them,'” said Tigers freshman Breona Hurd.

But beating Waynesville got a little more difficult. If it’s not Grand Canyon University commit Naudia Evans at point —

“I mean honestly, I don’t know. I couldn’t guard me,” Evans said.

— it’s 6-foot-1 freshman Breona Hurd down low.

“Just to see the chemistry just click. Sometimes you roll the dice and you don’t know what’s going to happen when you add someone new, so Breona coming in as a freshman you know, it’s ‘what’s going to happen?’ But, everything’s just meshed really well,” said Tigers head coach Brittany Matlock.

“I already knew I was going to draw a lot of attention this year, so I told Bre even before our first game, my job this year is to make you look as good as possible. I’m going to feed her, feed her, feed her, and you know, she’s growing so she’s got to get fed,” Evans said.

Through most of December, the two Tigers outscored the opposing team on their own.

“Honestly, I think it’s because Bre can do everything. She’s not just a regular 6-foot player in the paint, she can dribble all the way down the court, pass it out to me for a three, I can pass it out to her for a three,” said Evans.

“It’s pretty fun because sometimes we just be throwing it back and forth and somehow it gets to one of us and we be scoring,” Hurd said.

But this is the only year they’ll play together as Naudia is off to play for Molly Miller at the Division I level next season.

“It goes faster than you think. One minute I was just a freshman out here, I started my very first game on this court. It’s just fun to see that now it’s four years later and I’m wrapping it up,” Evans said.

As she wraps up a successful high school career, Bre’s is just beginning.

How long have you been looking forward to playing basketball at the high school level?
“A really long time,” Hurd said.

Together, Bre and Naudia are making the most of this special year.

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