Evangel’s Cade Coffman helping lead the Crusaders

“I was actually talking to my dad the other day that it seems crazy that we’re already about to be in the second semester,” said Evangel junior Cade Coffman. The Mountain Grove alum continues to make an impact for the Crusaders this basketball season.
“He keeps improving, and he keeps improving so much because we need him to,” said Crusaders head coach Seve Jenkins.
“It’s just through God’s grace and hard work. All you can do is work as hard as you can, and results will come if you put in the work,” Coffman said.
Cade was a post player in high school, and when he got to college he moved out to the three-spot. This season he’s back down low as a forward.
“It was a change because I was in that role in high school, and in college it’s a lot more physical than in high school. So coming into that role now, yeah, I like the change,” Coffman said. “I’ve grown a little bit, a little more physical, and I think I can get a little more buckets there.”
This season, Cade is averaging 14 points and 8 rebounds a game. But his role on the team is whatever coach needs it to be.
“He’s not the most athletic player on the floor, he’s not the strongest player on the floor, he’s not the best shooter on the floor. But you put all of those things together, and he’s probably really close to being the best player on the floor,” Jenkins said.
Cade was the most improved player on the team after his freshman year, and again after his sophomore season, but his goals are all about the big picture.
“Really just for the team a National Championship, that’s all we’re striving for,” said Coffman.

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