Athletes of the Week: Sage and Rylen Ballard, Rogersville

“When they’re clicking together it’s something special to watch,” said Logan-Rogersville soccer coach Brett Wubbena.
You might even think you’re seeing double at a Rogersville soccer game.
“A lot of people just from looking at us, think we’re identical,” said Wildcats junior Rylen Ballard.
Sage and Rylen Ballard are fraternal twins who’ve been playing soccer together since they were three years old.
“Do you guys do anything else together?” Ozone reporter Taylor Kauffman asked.
“Yeah, pretty much everything,” Rylen said.
“Play soccer, video games, run, we have the same friends,” said Sage.
But when it comes to soccer, their differences really stand out.
“I play defensive mid, and he plays up top,” said Rylen.
“They’re totally different players, but they’re both great players,” Wubbena said.
They play two different positions, but their brains are totally in sync.
“It’s just funny to see how they communicate together. Sometimes they don’t even need words,” said Wubbena.
“I’m more of a play-maker, and he’s more of a goal-scorer,” Rylen said.
“He sees me making that run, and I can usually read him pretty well,” said Sage.
Partly because of that connection, Sage is close to the school scoring record.
“It’s funny because Sage has kind of been near that goal since last year,” Wubbena said. “He’s also really close to the assist record as well, he’s within the top two or three, so this year he’s really got a chance to take both of them.”
That it, unless his twin brother beats him to it.
“If he doesn’t break the assist record this year, I will,” Rylen said.
“With Rylen in the position he’s in this year in the midfield, he sees the field wonderfully. And like I said, with finding Sage, he’s just going to find [assists],” Wubbena said.

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