Evangel’s Mason Baur brings the heat this summer

Balancing baseball and a full time job is nothing new for Evangel’s Mason Baur.

“I like being busy, I can’t sit at the house, watch tv or play video games. I’ve always got to be doing something,” Baur said.

Now, with no more baseball, he’s found a new way to bring some heat this summer.

“I like it hot. Some people say it’s too hot, some people want more,” said Baur.

And he packs that heat into a mason jar.

“It’s called Mason’s Garden Fresh Salsa. My mom had a salsa recipe, and I went to her house and made some salsa, and I was like, I can start making my own salsa, so I kind of dabbled in that,” Baur said. “It took a couple batches to get it to where I want it to be.”

“I think we ate it in two days, the entire jar, so yeah, we flew through it. My dad wants another jar and Mason’s going to get on it,” said summer league teammate Timothy Glenn.

He turned to his friends to taste test before deciding to open up the product to everyone else.

“I put it on my Instagram story and I think I had 24 cans sold the first day,” Baur said.

It’s grown in his garden, made in his home, and now it’s being enjoyed by people around the Ozarks.

“It’s chunky, he doesn’t like it runny and neither do I, so I was all for that. And I like spice, so I was like make it hot, but not ‘burn my tongue off’, so it was good. It was perfect,” said Glenn.

So what’s the secret? What makes it so good? “Love. You gotta put your love in it,” said Baur.

If all this sounds good to you, there’s just one thing left to do.

“Hit him up, it’ll change your life,” said Glenn.

You can order this salsa by emailing Mason at mason.baur@yahoo.com.

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