Backwoods Golf offers unique twist for Ozarks golfers

Payne Stewart once said a bad attitude is worse than a bad swing.

At Backwoods Golf, you’re not likely to see many bad attitudes.

“I love this place. I mean I’m glad we got something like this, just being able to have food, have drinks,” said customer Skyler Henson.

Yet, it’s the screens in the hitting bays that offer the most for customers like Henson.

You can play a virtual round on 16 different courses, or choose from a variety of other games. Each and every shot is measured by laser cameras above the hitting bays.

“The technology they have out here is pretty awesome,” Henson said.

Loosely based on Top Golf, Backwoods Golf is using that technology to set itself apart.

“We encourage families to come in and have a good time, but we also want that golfer that’s looking to shave two or three extra strokes off of their game,” said Backwoods Golf General Manager Austin Cloud.

Henson says that’s exactly what he enjoys most about this new spot.

“Someone that is more serious about golf, to be able to come out here and see what their swing speed is, is pretty exciting,” he said. “They have an app that tracks your clubs and you can see your improvement each time you come.”

For both the serious golfer and the beginner, it’s a serious place to practice or learn with golf professional Brian George on hand for lessons and guidance.

“To be able to show [customers] on the screen what their ball is doing and be able to explain to them why their ball is doing that, and especially for the people who do play golf to be able to give them real numbers, which is instant feedback,” George said.

With overhead heaters ready to warm the hitting bays come winter, golfers can get that feedback even in the off-season.

“Real golfers are going to be able to come here and continue working on their game all throughout the winter,” George said.

Backwoods Golf is offering one on one lessons right now.

The team is hoping to expand to group lessons once some of the pandemic restrictions are lifted.

Backwoods Golf also offers one weekly league right now and plans to include more leagues going forward.

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