MSU Baseball players work on team chemistry in the summer

The Show Me Collegiate League came to an end  just as the Springfield Cobras started climbing in the standings. A big part of the team’s success was thanks to some late-joining Missouri State pitchers.

The Springfield Cobras had not one, not two, but three returning Missouri State pitchers on the team this summer.

“Being here in the summer without seeing each other for three months, it’s definitely a good deal,” said Missouri State Pitcher Trey Ziegenbein.

Ziegenbein, Logan Thomazin, and Hayden Minton reunited, only to have their summer season end on the same note as their season at Missouri State.

“We were making good strides going into the cancellation I guess. It was frustrating for that to happen, because the offense was starting to come together, we were playing well on the mound, so it was pretty frustrating to have it end like that,” Ziegenbein said.

Still, they were able to get better this summer, while also having the unique opportunity to work on team chemistry — four other going-to-be Bears also played for the Cobras this off season.

“It’s kind of cool to get to know them before the season actually starts, you know, with all the stress of them coming in with a new school and everything. It’s nice,” said Thomazin.

“Meeting them in the summer before we go, we’re going to have an idea of what they’re like, and we’re going to already have a little bit of a connection, so it’s going to help during the season,” Minton said.

A season they’re itching to have, with plenty of motivation to get better before-hand. Driven to win for one really good reason.

“I think it’s our seniors coming back. We have the chance to give them a good season, and with COVID happening we didn’t want them to end on the rough patch that we had, so it’ll be great to have them back,” Minton said.

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