Parkview’s 7-on-7 allows teams to compete in July

“It’s just nice to be out here and compete against other schools” Kickapoo head football coach Nate Thomas said.

“With the whole Coronavirus situation, getting back out here with the team feels good,” said Parkview senior Damieon Sanchez.


A sense of normalcy — that’s what Parkview’s 10th annual 7 on 7 has brought to teams around the area.

“It’s really exciting just because we’ve been playing against each other for so long,” said Nixa senior Reid Potts. “So, it’s fun to get out here and go against some of the teams we’ll be playing and some of the teams we won’t. It’s just nice to get that competition.”

“It’s fun for them and it’s fun for me to see them, because it’s different. When it’s us against us, when it’s us against somebody else you see how competitive they are, and it’s been really good,” Nixa’s new head football coach John Perry said.

The tournament is usually in June, but COVID-19 pushed things back and created a number of other hurdles Vikings head coach Ben Dougherty had to consider for the tournament to be possible.

“It’s been a combination of communication with the kids, and communication with the parents. They want to know that we have their kids’ best interest at heart, and we do,” Dougherty said. “We’ve been playing it really safe, wiping down our equipment doing all that stuff, social distancing where we can. We’re following whatever guidelines the county sets out for us. It’s been tough at times, but we’ve found ways for it to work so far.”

This year comes with a change in schedule, operations and physical readiness, but these teams are continuing on in hopes of playing this fall.

“Honestly, the uncertainty of not having a season is big. If we don’t have a season it’d break me, honestly,” said Sanchez.

“These guys need this, coaches need this. I think this is good for our guys. Like I said, we’re just keeping our fingers crossed going forward that we’re able to play this fall,” Thomas said.

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