Kickapoo’s Robbie Merced back at Division I

“I’m going to be a red shirt sophomore, again,” Robbie Merced said.
It’s a strange time in baseball, but Robbie Merced is embracing the unconventional journey he’s been on since graduating from Kickapoo.
“I started off at Missouri State, then decided to go the JUCO route. It was super fun, and I was happy to do that,” said Merced.
After red shirting freshman year at Missouri State, Robbie transferred to Fort Scott Community College, and year three the adventure continues in Tennessee.
“It’s a new city, I’ve been in a town of about eight-thousand, so it’ll be good to go to Nashville. I’ve never been there, but I’ve heard good things,” said Merced.
Robbie is returning to Division I at Lipscomb University. While COVID-19 dried up some offers, Robbie said his decision to be a Bison was easy.
“They were just always there, throughout the whole season they were one of the only schools who were right there,” said Merced. “They had a pretty good offer for me, and I love all of the coaching staff and everything about them, so I’m super excited. I’m planning on playing short stop there. Hopefully we can make it to a regional, and even farther than that.”
Robbie’s paving his own path, but he’s guided through inherited baseball instincts — his dad, Orlando Merced played 13 years in the MLB, while his great-grandfather on his mom’s side, Bill Virdon played 12 years in the big leagues and was the 1955 National League Rookie of the Year.
“Do you want to follow in the baseball footsteps?”
“Yeah, for sure. Whatever opportunity comes for me I’m going to take it,” said Merced.
Who knows where this path will take him, but right now Robbie Merced is enjoying the ride.

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