Three local boxers hope to win big this weekend

“Getting in this ring, if you’re not in top shape you’re not going to be able to take shots like you should be able to,“ said professional boxer Randy Mast.
There’s been a break in bouts thanks to COVID-19, but this weekend three boxers from Smitty’s Midwest Boxing Gym are getting back in the ring.
“I haven’t been in perfect shape through this whole quarantine, but I’ve been trying to stay a little bit in shape. But when I got back in here, yeah I wasn’t in tiptop shape,“ professional boxer Arturo Moreno said.
Arturo Moreno and Luis Velasquez are making the trip to Kansas for their pro boxing debuts.
“This weekend I’m hoping for a win, and coming home with no bruises and no harm done,“ Velasquez said.
It’ll be a weekend of firsts for all three boxers, as Randy Mast competes for the first ever bare knuckle title.
“That’s going to change my life. I’m fighting two fights that night. If I win my first fight I’ll be in the championship for the title,“ said Mast.
To win the title, he’s got to go through the guy that beat him last time.
“The only reason he got me last time was that I was out of shape, said Mast. “And now I’m in the best shape of my life. I’ve been doing my cardio work, all the work in the gym, outside the gym, and I’m ready.”
All three boxers are excited to return to competition, and hope to return home with something more.
“I come home with the belt, and put Springfield on the map,“ Mast said.