Catholic’s Walker Tynes ready for next level

In golf, every shot matters.

“Two years ago, he missed by one stroke, and that’s always going to eat on you,” said Springfield Catholic Golf Coach Frank Gallant.

One better swing might have made the difference.

“One stroke here or there, could [have been] all state,” Gallant said.

Springfield Catholic senior Walker Tynes missed All-State honors at state golf his sophomore year by one stroke.

He used that near miss as motivation for his junior season, which almost resulted in a championship.

“Last year, he was within four strokes of winning the title,” Gallant said.

After a tough first round of the state tournament, Walker found his groove.

“The second day, my goal was to go out and shoot the lowest score of the day, win that day, which I did. I tied for the lowest score on that day,” Walker said.

The strong finish helped him to a third-place tie.

This spring, Walker had eyes on the top spot before the season was wiped out.

“I was expecting [the cancellation], but it was still a bummer because I wanted one last shot at the title,” Walker said.

Gallant says Walker was ready to make that shot count.

“Length-wise, strategy-wise and short game-wise, he was going to be a definite factor at Rivercut for the state title.”

Even without that chance, this Catholic senior is looking on the bright side.

“I’m super thankful, because some people, their whole goal was make it to state and they never got to finish that goal and complete that goal,” Walker said.

It’s a goal he completed three times in three years. Earning him the chance to keep playing.

“Going to Drury to play golf there, so I’ve got four more years at least of golf,” Walker said.

Whenever he’s not practicing for the Panthers, he’s always welcome to go back and see his old teammates.

“Having Walker Tynes be able to come back in and tell the guys what his experience is in college is a great influence on our kids and program,” Gallant said.

No coach would turn that down.

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