Strafford senior, coach share brotherly bond amid lost season

Give most ballplayers the chance, and they’d probably sign up for Strafford’s recent run of success.

“In four years here, I won two district championships and played for three,” said senior Mason Foley.

The 2018 district championship eventually turned into a state runner up finish for the Indians.

“To be the final two and come up second is an awesome memory and awesome accomplishment, not many people get to do that,” Mason said.

Even fewer can share the accomplishment the way Mason and his one of his coaches can.

“My first team was Mason’s 8th grade year so I’ve been around the last five years with this group so it’s been a lot of fun to watch them grow,” said Strafford Assistant Coach and 2013 Strafford senior Brandon Foley

Mason and Brandon are two of three Foley boys to play at Strafford, along with their brother Kyle.

That brotherly bond means Mason’s lost season is a season lost for Brandon too.

“I just hated it for him. I feel for him as a brother, because he doesn’t get that senior season,” Brandon said.

This season was one Brandon was hoping to coach for all of the Strafford seniors.

“His whole senior class I’ve known since they were little bitty kids since they were coming over for birthday parties and sleepovers and basketball games and what have you,” Brandon said.

At least, Mason and Brandon can play a little catch to help them get by.

“Not a lot of siblings get that opportunity to coach their younger brother and see him grow up his whole life, so it definitely helped that we were going through this together,” Brandon said.

It’s something most ballplayers haven’t had during the past two months, but as

Mason trains for his college career at Drury, he knows he would sign up for one last chance with his high school teammates.

“I just want to make those memories with those guys one more time and try to leave a mark here we’ve never made before,” Mason said.

Instead, he’ll settle for two district titles in three years, but two out of three ain’t bad.

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