Glendale seniors reflect on historic baseball run

It’s often said memories last forever. Especially memories of great moments.

“We were friends outside of baseball, it made everything better,” said Glendale senior Timothy Glenn.

“Just an amazing experience getting to play with some of my best friends,” said Glendale senior David Wells.

Friends and teammates who helped last year’s Glendale team to 23 wins and the program’s first district title since 2005.

“[It was] so much fun to be a part of, that was a special group of guys that I’m never going to forget,” Timothy said.

That special group also captured a sectional victory and advance to the state quarterfinals for the first time since 1978.

It was accomplishment that would not have been possible without Timothy and David, both of whom pitched in those two victories.

Little did they know what the future would hold for athletes all across the Ozarks.

“It is hard getting to look back and be like ‘wow that was my last time getting to play and I didn’t even know it’,” David said.

The chance for one final season was taken from these two standout Falcons and their eight senior teammates.

“We were all talking about it, everything about how senior year was going to be so much fun. It was going to be like freshman year again, with all of us back together,” Timothy said. “We weren’t going to be separated JV and varsity. It was going to be the group back together.”

Instead, they’re left with last year’s playoffs as their lasting impression on the diamond.

“When you look back at the memories, they’re great and you can realize you had a great run,” David said.

It was a great run that ended without the chance for an encore, leaving Timothy with a message for future seniors.

“Don’t take it for granted. You never know when it’s going to be your last [game], and appreciate it when you can,” he said.

It’s a tip that transcends sports, as Timothy and David will tell you it isn’t just their experience from time spent in their baseball uniforms they’ll take with them.

“Our motto is flock is family and it really shows [at Glendale],” David said.

“It’s one big family and I loved every single second at Glendale,” Timothy said.

Every single second that gave these Falcons memories to last a lifetime.

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