Rogersville football player battling more than home-workouts

Like many athletes, Rogersville football player Zach Bergmann is prepping for the season a little unconventionally.

“We’re just taking it one step at a time, seeing what we can do, what we can’t do,” Bergmann said.

Trading the weight room… for his living-room.

“As of now this is about all we can do is these workouts,” said Bergmann.

“We do put a lot of pressure to make sure [the underclassmen] are working out, making sure they’re not just at home playing video games, because that’s pretty easy right now to do,” Bergmann said.

The Coronavirus created a hurdle for football players as they start spring weight training, but for Zach, he’s been fighting obstacles since last season.

“At the beginning of the season I had a little injury with my neck. I went to the chiropractor, and he said it was dislocated and it should heal on its own,” Bergmann said. “Week 5 or Week 6 against Mt. Vernon, I got hit one play, and I just felt the pain increase greatly.”

The next day, Zach went to the doctor — he had broken his neck in two places.

“I went to one doctor and he said I’d be out of contact sports forever,” Bergmann said.

But Zach read the doctors’ prediction like a rough draft, and he planned on re-writing his story with a better ending.

“Neck injuries and back injuries are pretty scary, and it was scary for me, but I was never like, I’m not going to play again. I always felt likt I would be able to,” Bergmann said.

Zach still hasn’t been cleared to play football this fall, but it’s starting to look promising. And while staying out of the weight room isn’t ideal, Zach is happy to be doing whatever he can.

“My motivation is off the charts right now. I feel like this is my time to shine, and all {the team’s time}. This year feels like a good year, I’m just excited to go,” said Bergmann.

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