2019 All-SCA Football Team

The All-SCA football team as voted on by the coaches has been released.

NOTE: All information is posted as submitted.

Linemen of the Year
1 Jaron Story Willow
Back of the Year
1 Kaden Myers Ava
Coach of the Year
1 Billy Webber Thayer
Name School
Nate Swofford Ava 1st
Jaris Acklin Liberty 2nd
Garrett Connell Salem HM
Running Back
Name School
Kaden Myers Ava 1st Team
Tryton Henley Willow 1st Team
Tanner Marshall Liberty 2nd Team
Jack Willison Thayer 2nd Team
Braxton Davis Cabool Honorable mention
Kyle Wood Willow Honorable mention
Wide Receiver
Name School
Zach Stretch Liberty 1st Team
Adrien Ortega Cabool 1st Team
Dawson Mock Salem 2nd
Lane Grimes Thayer 2nd
Zach Mendel Ava HM
Blake King Ava HM
Tight End
Name School
Arthur Tate Thayer 1st Team
Korbyn Tune Houston 2nd Team
Carter Chilton Salem HM
Jase Dowden Grove HM
Offensive Line
Name School
Hayden Casper Cabool 1st Team
Jacob Lakey Ava 1st Team
Brandon White Salem 1st Team
Tristan Stetina Willow 1st Team
Devin Wallander Houston 1st Team
Bobby Dale Thayer 1st Team
Zach Jones Thayer 2nd Team
Ben Bews Liberty 2nd Team
Evan Horn Ava 2nd Team
Chayse Jones Willow 2nd Team
Nick Schwenk Cabool 2nd Team
Hunter Shaw Salem 2nd Team
Hunter Means MG Honorable Mention
James Pueppke Ava Honorable Mention
Chase Cates Thayer Honorable Mention
James Collins Willow Honorable Mention
Anthony Peterson MG Honorable Mention
Eddie Swislowski Cabool Honorable Mention
Jacob Shockley Cabool Honorable Mention
Name School
Tryton Henley Willow 1st
Zach Stretch Liberty 2nd
Kale Willson Thayer HM
Bradlee Gover Salem HM
Defensive Line
Name School
Chris Cichon Houston 1st
Jaron Story Willow 1st
Dylan King Ava 1st
Jordan Madden Thayer 1st
Caleb Fry MG 2nd
Jacob Eastling Ava 2nd
Logan Doss Thayer 2nd
Cody Brosh Thayer 2nd
Earl Jarvis Salem HM
Bailey Iott Willow HM
Nathan Pyle Salem HM
Name School
Chance Mitchell Houston 1st
Austin Parsons Cabool 1st
Josh Bray Ava 1st
Griffin Willison Thayer 1st
Brenden Smith Salem 2nd
Rhett Wakefield MG 2nd
Tyler Watts Liberty 2nd
Austin Green Thayer 2nd
Justin Chaney Willow HM
Daniel Hutcheson Cabool HM
Jacob Bruffett Ava HM
Defensive Back
Name School
Jayce Haven Thayer 1st
Coltin Weldon Liberty 1st
Caden Camden Salem 1st
Spencer Skyles Ava 1st
Logan Primanzon Cabool 2nd
Chris Miller Willow 2nd
Alex Casas Grove 2nd
Connor Wilson Houston HM
Jesse White Thayer HM
Jon Baker Willow HM
Dakota Burchett Houston HM
Name School
Jayce Haven Thayer 1st
Adrien Ortega Cabool 2nd
Tryton Henley Willow HM
Bradlee Gover Salem HM
Honorable Mention
Colby Miles Ava Def.
Westyn Merriett Ava Off.
Shafer Mullins Thayer Off.
Landry Pitts Thayer Def.
Davin Basham Grove Wr
Brendan Rogers Grove LB
Dakota Burchett Houston DB
Robbie Mortensen Houston OL
Will Johnson Cabool TE
Collin Emery Cabool DB
Kaleb Hite Liberty DL
Brett Fore Salem OL
Bradlee Gover Salem DL
Brady Walton Willow Off.

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