Laquey shuts out Crocker to win district championship

By Allen Hilliard (For

Laquey and Crocker faced off for a second time this season on Friday. This time a district championship was on the line. Laquey won the earlier decision 5-0.

“We came into the game ready to face a good physical team and wanted to keep the pressure on them.” Crocker head coach Darren Boberg said coming into the game.

The Laquey and Crocker boys began the game with strong pressure on each other as both teams were very physical in the matchup.

The Hornets almost scored twice around the 22-minute mark of the first half off two goal kicks. The Crocker Lions were able to keep them out of the net.

Brandon MacDonald scored the first goal of the game with 11:32 left in the first half to give the Hornets the lead early in the game. It was his 60th goal of the season and placed him in 5th all-time in scoring in the state.


“We have been focusing on winning and playing as a team. The goals come as we play,” Brandon MacDonald said.

After the first half, Laquey was leading 1-0 in a very physical and close game.

“We wanted to keep the pressure on them (Hornets) and keep in the second half.” Boberg said.

The Lions and Hornets were both able again to keep each team out of the net as the both teams again had some incredible saves.

Laquey scored the second goal in the match with 22:21 still in the game. MacDonald had his second goal on the day and 61st of the season.

“We wanted to stay offensive and keep pressing them. We had one goal and didn’t think that was enough. We ended up getting two more in the end.” Laquey head coach Tyler Sevon said this about the second half.

The Hornets were able to keep the Lions under control for the remainder of the game and were given a third goal as the ball was back kicked in their net with 6:07 to go in the game. Seth Bushley was given credit for the goal.

The Laquey Hornets were able to win the game 3-0 and they will face Fair Grove on Nov. 3rd.

“It feels great, we have been here for 3 years. It’s really great to be back on top. The boys played very well,” Sevon said about winning the district title.

1st LHS 22:05 MacDonald (60th) 1-0 LHS
2nd LHS 22:21 MacDonald (61st) 2-0 LHS

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