Athlete of the Week: Reagan Zibilski, Springfield Catholic

Springfield Catholic golf coach Frank Gallant has coached the sport for three decades, and he’s never had a squad quite like this one.

“I’ve had a lot of good boys teams, but I’ve never had three girls on one team like Reagan, Kayla, and Kyleigh,” said Gallant.

Reagan Zibilski along with Kayla and Kyleigh Pfitzner have pushed each other and their team to an historic 2018 season.

“They always want to know where the other two are at [on the course],” said Gallant.

That competitive edge has driven their scores to all-time lows.

“We make each other better every single day, and this season we’ve all dropped five strokes, probably,” said Zibilski.

That’s especially true for Zibilski herself.

“Two days in a row, she shot 64,” said Gallant.

Back-to-back 64’s was something the freshman standout says was only sort of unexpected.

“There was a possibility but I didn’t think I could do it twice in a row, so that was a surprise,” said Zibilski.

Gallant says those impressive rounds just show Zibilski’s unmatched ability on the course.

“Her skill level is only matched by her personality, she’s a fun loving kid, intense at times about her game but does a great job. Her skill level is above and beyond anything I’ve ever had [on my team] or perhaps very few players in this area,” said Gallant.

But when you ask her about it, Zibilski doesn’t take all the credit for herself.

“My dad has been a really good influence on me with just putting in the work and if you put in the work good [sic] and correctly, then good things will happen, and it has already,” said Zibilski.

With that mindset, there’s another question worth asking about her future: when will Zibilski shoot sub-60?

“Um, probably soon,” Zibilski said with a smile.

When asked the same question, Gallant added “On any given day, it’s within the realm of reality.”

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