2018 All-Ozark Conference Baseball Team

The All-Ozark Conference baseball team has been released by the coaches. See which players made it below.

NOTE: All names are posted as submitted.

MVP: Mason Auer, Kickapoo (Junior)
Pitcher of the Year: Ethan Paschke, Glendale (Senior)
Position Player of the Year: Ty Wilmsmeyer, Glendale (Junior)
Coach of the Year: Jim Julian, Glendale

First Team

Ty Wilmsmeyer (U) 11 Glendale
Tristen ONeal (U) 12 Rolla
Keaton Winfrey (U) 12 Lebanon
Max Elmer 11 Glendale
Andrew Wheeler 12 West Plains
Thomas Brand (U) 11 Glendale
Mason Auer 11 Kickapoo
Zac Salyers 12 Kickapoo
Troy Reynolds 10 Lebanon
Ethan Paschke (U) 12 Glendale
Levi Loughridge 12 Rolla
Nick Young 12 Parkview
Mason Auer 11 Kickapoo
Troy Reynolds 10 Lebanon
Camdon Murphy 12 West Plains
Designated Hitter
Mason Wilbanks (U) 12 West Plains
Utility Player
Brandon Ross 12 Hillcrest

Second Team

Avery Grant 9 Hillcrest
Garrett Reid 12 Kickapoo
Kolton Giefer 12 Kickapoo
Brandon Pasley 10 Camdenton
Jayton Cromer 11 Lebanon
Blaine Yarger 11 Rolla
Davie Pound 12 Rolla
Jack Hamlin 11 Glendale
Cole McBride 12 Lebanon
Caden Morrow 11 Hillcrest
Dylan Dunbar 12 West Plains
Josh Wells 11 Joplin
Logan Harper 12 Kickapoo
Garrett Stamper 11 Camdenton
Timothy Glenn 10 Glendale
Dylan Thompson 11 Camdenton
Designated Hitter
Nolan Moreiarty 12 Camdenton
Utility Player
Austin Wood 12 West Plains

Honorable Mention

Grant Jones 11 Joplin
Cole McCarville 12 Kickapoo
Devin McCullough 12 Hillcrest
Wyatt Milliken 12 Lebanon
Ethan Brown 12 Waynesville
Brett Gonzalez 12 Rolla
Haden Parton 12 Hillcrest
Jake Yarnell 12 Joplin
Andrew DiBello 10 Camdenton
Jeremiah Ruth 12 Rolla
Treyton Ruth 12 Rolla
Cole McBride 12 Lebanon
A.J. Perkins 10 Lebanon
Jacob Murrell 11 Kickapoo

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