2018 COC Large Wrestling Results

Neosho won another COC Large team wrestling title with six individual champions. See full results from the meet below.


1. Neosho – 253.0
2. Ozark – 163.5
3. Carthage – 160.0
4. Nixa – 127.0
5. Carl Junction – 111.0
6. Willard – 108.5
7. Webb City – 106.5
8. Republic – 91.0
9. Branson – 68.0



Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Cayden Auch of Neosho
2nd Place – Kyler Carter of Webb City
3rd Place – Christian Finley of Willard
4th Place – Dagan Sappington of Carthage
5th Place – Clayton Moison of Ozark
6th Place – Deagan Fugitt of Nixa
7th Place – Chris Gordon of Carl Junction
8th Place – Wyatt George of Republic

1st Place Match
Cayden Auch (Neosho) 43-2, Fr. over Kyler Carter (Webb City) 36-4, So. (Fall 3:17)

3rd Place Match
Christian Finley (Willard) 34-9, Fr. over Dagan Sappington (Carthage) 20-12, Fr. (Dec 4-2)

5th Place Match
Clayton Moison (Ozark) 26-18, Fr. over Deagan Fugitt (Nixa) 23-22, Fr. (Fall 5:37)

7th Place Match
Chris Gordon (Carl Junction) 4-10, Jr. over Wyatt George (Republic) 16-16, Fr. (Fall 5:28)


Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Riley Wertz of Willard
2nd Place – Kolton Sanders of Neosho
3rd Place – Jake Nickols of Ozark
4th Place – Christian Cartright of Branson
5th Place – Reese Lawler of Republic
6th Place – Tanner Russow of Carthage
7th Place – Hunter Christeson of Nixa
8th Place – Donald Simonds of Webb City

1st Place Match
Riley Wertz (Willard) 20-2, So. over Kolton Sanders (Neosho) 29-12, So. (Dec 6-5)

3rd Place Match
Jake Nickols (Ozark) 12-6, Jr. over Christian Cartright (Branson) 15-11, So. (TF-1.5 4:38 (17-2))

5th Place Match
Reese Lawler (Republic) 25-15, Fr. over Tanner Russow (Carthage) 31-12, So. (Fall 5:09)

7th Place Match
Hunter Christeson (Nixa) 2-5, So. over Donald Simonds (Webb City) 4-5, So. (Fall 1:30)


Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Dalen Moore of Carthage
2nd Place – Michael Taylor of Republic
3rd Place – Wyatt Snyder of Ozark
4th Place – Brady Franklin of Neosho
5th Place – Josh Copher of Webb City
6th Place – Coby Burchett of Carl Junction
7th Place – Skyler Harris of Branson
8th Place – Dylan Carter of Nixa

1st Place Match
Dalen Moore (Carthage) 32-5, Jr. over Michael Taylor (Republic) 39-8, Jr. (Dec 9-3)

3rd Place Match
Wyatt Snyder (Ozark) 30-13, So. over Brady Franklin (Neosho) 27-21, So. (Dec 4-3)

5th Place Match
Josh Copher (Webb City) 30-10, So. over Coby Burchett (Carl Junction) 18-10, Fr. (Dec 7-0)

7th Place Match
Skyler Harris (Branson) 25-11, Sr. over Dylan Carter (Nixa) 13-23, Fr. (MD 11-2)


Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Nick Norbury of Carthage
2nd Place – Caden Lorenz of Branson
3rd Place – Bret Camerer of Neosho
4th Place – Cole Stewert of Carl Junction
5th Place – Ethan Sheperd of Nixa
6th Place – Jackson Taylor of Webb City
7th Place – Gabe Hesington of Republic
8th Place – Oscar Martinez of Willard

1st Place Match
Nick Norbury (Carthage) 40-5, Sr. over Caden Lorenz (Branson) 27-9, So. (Fall 0:40)

3rd Place Match
Bret Camerer (Neosho) 6-4, So. over Cole Stewert (Carl Junction) 17-12, Fr. (Dec 5-0)

5th Place Match
Ethan Sheperd (Nixa) 19-20, So. over Jackson Taylor (Webb City) 12-15, So. (Fall 1:25)

7th Place Match
Gabe Hesington (Republic) 18-16, So. over Oscar Martinez (Willard) 17-25, Fr. (Dec 5-3)


Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Trenton Young of Neosho
2nd Place – Jonathan O`Connell of Republic
3rd Place – Riley Sundlie of Ozark
4th Place – Snyper Herron of Webb City
5th Place – James Miller of Branson
6th Place – Ryder Heimbach of Willard
7th Place – Mitchell Frisinger of Carthage

1st Place Match
Trenton Young (Neosho) 39-8, Sr. over Jonathan O`Connell (Republic) 36-8, So. (Fall 5:39)

3rd Place Match
Riley Sundlie (Ozark) 22-23, So. over Snyper Herron (Webb City) 12-11, So. (MD 10-0)

5th Place Match
James Miller (Branson) 12-16, Jr. over Ryder Heimbach (Willard) 29-15, Fr. (M. For.)

7th Place Match
Mitchell Frisinger (Carthage) 3-3, So. over () , . (Bye)


Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Braxton Barnes of Neosho
2nd Place – Tallon Heimbach of Willard
3rd Place – Kolyn Eli of Nixa
4th Place – Reagan Ulrich of Branson
5th Place – Cooper St. John of Ozark
6th Place – Anderson Ixcol of Carthage
7th Place – Roger Carranco of Webb City

1st Place Match
Braxton Barnes (Neosho) 41-5, Jr. over Tallon Heimbach (Willard) 28-3, Jr. (Fall 0:40)

3rd Place Match
Kolyn Eli (Nixa) 9-8, Fr. over Reagan Ulrich (Branson) 21-11, So. (Fall 2:16)

5th Place Match
Cooper St. John (Ozark) 15-27, Sr. over Anderson Ixcol (Carthage) 20-19, So. (MD 11-2)

7th Place Match
Roger Carranco (Webb City) 19-16, Fr. over () , . (Bye)


Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Alex Garrett of Willard
2nd Place – Jeremiah Larson of Neosho
3rd Place – Brooks Neria of Carl Junction
4th Place – Corben Pugh of Carthage
5th Place – Chandler McAtee of Nixa
6th Place – Kale Conway of Ozark
7th Place – Brayden Hollingsworth of Webb City
8th Place – Alex Maldonado of Branson

1st Place Match
Alex Garrett (Willard) 43-1, Sr. over Jeremiah Larson (Neosho) 31-15, Fr. (MD 16-4)

3rd Place Match
Brooks Neria (Carl Junction) 17-13, Sr. over Corben Pugh (Carthage) 36-9, Sr. (For.)

5th Place Match
Chandler McAtee (Nixa) 20-24, Sr. over Kale Conway (Ozark) 20-22, So. (MD 13-3)

7th Place Match
Brayden Hollingsworth (Webb City) 18-16, Fr. over Alex Maldonado (Branson) 16-22, Jr. (DQ)


Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Kade Hicks of Webb City
2nd Place – Jed Brandon of Willard
3rd Place – Alec Rothman of Neosho
4th Place – Charles Hawkins of Nixa
5th Place – Brandon Crow of Carthage
6th Place – Thomas Rushing of Ozark
7th Place – Wyatt Ross of Carl Junction
8th Place – Reece Sobelewski of Republic

1st Place Match
Kade Hicks (Webb City) 25-9, So. over Jed Brandon (Willard) 35-10, So. (Dec 7-4)

3rd Place Match
Alec Rothman (Neosho) 22-4, Jr. over Charles Hawkins (Nixa) 28-11, Sr. (Dec 7-1)

5th Place Match
Brandon Crow (Carthage) 26-20, So. over Thomas Rushing (Ozark) 20-14, Fr. (Fall 5:20)

7th Place Match
Wyatt Ross (Carl Junction) 10-19, Fr. over Reece Sobelewski (Republic) 17-25, Jr. (Dec 9-2)


Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Nick Gladkov of Ozark
2nd Place – Jackson White of Carl Junction
3rd Place – Collin Andrews of Branson
4th Place – Seth Wild of Republic
5th Place – Trulyn Kendrick of Carthage
6th Place – Gavin Wallace of Willard
7th Place – Keaton Sanders of Neosho

1st Place Match
Nick Gladkov (Ozark) 46-4, Sr. over Jackson White (Carl Junction) 21-2, So. (DQ)

3rd Place Match
Collin Andrews (Branson) 20-5, Jr. over Seth Wild (Republic) 31-15, Sr. (Dec 7-3)

5th Place Match
Trulyn Kendrick (Carthage) 3-7, So. over Gavin Wallace (Willard) 13-27, So. (Fall 0:58)

7th Place Match
Keaton Sanders (Neosho) 10-20, So. over () , . (Bye)


Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Drayke Perry of Neosho
2nd Place – Tyson Albright of Ozark
3rd Place – Kobe Maxwell of Carl Junction
4th Place – Ymbar Polanco of Carthage
5th Place – Gibson Sweet of Webb City
6th Place – Austin Davis of Nixa
7th Place – Max Petruccelli of Branson
8th Place – Jonas Keohane of Willard

1st Place Match
Drayke Perry (Neosho) 31-13, Fr. over Tyson Albright (Ozark) 33-13, Sr. (Dec 8-4)

3rd Place Match
Kobe Maxwell (Carl Junction) 18-10, Jr. over Ymbar Polanco (Carthage) 26-14, Sr. (Inj. 1:33)

5th Place Match
Gibson Sweet (Webb City) 19-13, Jr. over Austin Davis (Nixa) 12-23, Sr. (Fall 4:31)

7th Place Match
Max Petruccelli (Branson) 14-23, So. over Jonas Keohane (Willard) 15-27, Fr. (Dec 5-3)


Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Joey Williams of Neosho
2nd Place – Dillon Lancaster of Carthage
3rd Place – Ryan Taylor of Ozark
4th Place – Jesse Cassatt of Carl Junction
5th Place – Jonny Goggins of Webb City
6th Place – DeSean Downs of Nixa

1st Place Match
Joey Williams (Neosho) 43-3, Sr. over Dillon Lancaster (Carthage) 22-7, Sr. (Fall 3:37)

3rd Place Match
Ryan Taylor (Ozark) 34-8, Sr. over Jesse Cassatt (Carl Junction) 18-8, Fr. (Dec 6-0)

5th Place Match
Jonny Goggins (Webb City) 13-15, Sr. over DeSean Downs (Nixa) 3-6, So. (MD 8-0)


Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Donovan Benetti of Nixa
2nd Place – Tyler Dawson of Republic
3rd Place – William Prince of Carthage
4th Place – Joe Satterly of Ozark
5th Place – Caleb Elliot of Neosho
6th Place – Keegan Bennett of Carl Junction

1st Place Match
Donovan Benetti (Nixa) 42-0, Sr. over Tyler Dawson (Republic) 22-17, Sr. (Fall 0:53)

3rd Place Match
William Prince (Carthage) 24-18, Sr. over Joe Satterly (Ozark) 15-29, Sr. (Fall 2:48)

5th Place Match
Caleb Elliot (Neosho) 12-19, Fr. over Keegan Bennett (Carl Junction) 9-13, So. (Fall 3:45)


Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Oswaldo Garcia of Nixa
2nd Place – Zane Persinger of Neosho
3rd Place – Matt Miller of Webb City
4th Place – Hunter Tennison of Ozark
5th Place – Tyler Huffman of Carl Junction
6th Place – Austin Moody of Republic
7th Place – Cole Keeton of Willard

1st Place Match
Oswaldo Garcia (Nixa) 38-6, Sr. over Zane Persinger (Neosho) 30-13, So. (Fall 4:39)

3rd Place Match
Matt Miller (Webb City) 26-11, Jr. over Hunter Tennison (Ozark) 22-21, Fr. (Dec 5-3)

5th Place Match
Tyler Huffman (Carl Junction) 16-11, Jr. over Austin Moody (Republic) 23-20, Sr. (Fall 1:24)

7th Place Match
Cole Keeton (Willard) 4-17, Fr. over () , . (Bye)


Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Adrian Hitchcock of Neosho
2nd Place – Jace Gorn of Ozark
3rd Place – Zeke Wall of Carl Junction
4th Place – Brener Ocana of Carthage
5th Place – Ryan Davis of Nixa
6th Place – Darren Aldrich of Republic
7th Place – Severo Vargas of Branson

1st Place Match
Adrian Hitchcock (Neosho) 44-2, Sr. over Jace Gorn (Ozark) 38-5, Sr. (Dec 8-5)

3rd Place Match
Zeke Wall (Carl Junction) 22-7, Sr. over Brener Ocana (Carthage) 30-16, So. (Fall 1:53)

5th Place Match
Ryan Davis (Nixa) 26-18, Sr. over Darren Aldrich (Republic) 11-21, Fr. (Fall 1:29)

7th Place Match
Severo Vargas (Branson) 7-13, Jr. over () , . (Bye)

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