District Semifinal Football Picks

The picks for the district semifinals are in! See who the O-Zone Staff is picking to win each are game below.

District Quarterfinal Results

Chad Plein (32-2)
Justin Sampson (30-4)
Chris Parker (29-5)
Mike Scott (28-6)
Jordan Burton (27-7)

Overall Standings

1. Mike Scott (177-41)
2. Chris Parker (174-44)
3. Jordan Burton (173-45)
4. Justin Sampson (172-46)
5. Chad Plein (160-56)



District Semifinal Picks

Class 5 – District 4: CLICK HERE FOR THE BRACKET
Ozark vs. Glendale
Chad Plein: Glendale
Mike Scott: Glendale
Jordan Burton: Ozark
Justin Sampson: Glendale
Chris Parker: Glendale

Branson vs. Lebanon
Chad Plein: Lebanon
Mike Scott: Lebanon
Jordan Burton: Lebanon
Justin Sampson: Lebanon
Chris Parker: Lebanon

Class 5 – District 5: CLICK HERE FOR THE BRACKET
Neosho vs. Carthage
Chad Plein: Carthage
Mike Scott: Carthage
Jordan Burton: Carthage
Justin Sampson: Carthage
Chris Parker: Carthage

Willard vs. Nixa
Chad Plein: Nixa
Mike Scott: Willard
Jordan Burton: Willard
Justin Sampson: Nixa
Chris Parker: Nixa

Class 4 – District 5: CLICK HERE FOR THE BRACKET
Camdenton vs. Webb City
Chad Plein: Webb City
Mike Scott: Webb City
Jordan Burton: Webb City
Justin Sampson: Webb City
Chris Parker: Webb City

West Plains vs. Carl Junction
Chad Plein: Carl Junction
Mike Scott: Carl Junction
Jordan Burton: Carl Junction
Justin Sampson: Carl Junction
Chris Parker: Carl Junction

Class 4 – District 4
Rolla vs. Parkway West
Chad Plein: Parkway West
Mike Scott: Parkway West
Jordan Burton: Parkway West
Justin Sampson: Parkway West
Chris Parker: Parkway West

Class 3 – District 4: CLICK HERE FOR THE BRACKET
Mount Vernon vs. Seneca
Chad Plein: Seneca
Mike Scott: Seneca
Jordan Burton: Seneca
Justin Sampson: Seneca
Chris Parker: Seneca

Reeds Spring vs. Cassville
Chad Plein: Cassville
Mike Scott: Reeds Spring
Jordan Burton: Reeds Spring
Justin Sampson: Reeds Spring
Chris Parker: Cassville

Class 3 – District 3: CLICK HERE FOR THE BRACKET
Springfield Catholic vs. Eldon
Chad Plein: Eldon
Mike Scott: Catholic
Jordan Burton: Catholic
Justin Sampson: Eldon
Chris Parker: Eldon

Class 3 – District 1
Salem vs. Kennett
Chad Plein: Kennett
Mike Scott: Kennett
Jordan Burton: Salem
Justin Sampson: Kennett
Chris Parker: Kennett

Class 2 – District 3: CLICK HERE FOR THE BRACKET
MV-BT/Liberty vs. Ava
Chad Plein: Ava
Mike Scott: Ava
Jordan Burton: Ava
Justin Sampson: Ava
Chris Parker: Ava

Strafford vs. Mountain Grove
Chad Plein: Mountain Grove
Mike Scott: Mountain Grove
Jordan Burton: Mountain Grove
Justin Sampson: Strafford
Chris Parker: Mountain Grove

Class 2 – District 4: CLICK HERE FOR THE BRACKET
Warsaw vs. Lamar
Chad Plein: Lamar
Mike Scott: Lamar
Jordan Burton: Lamar
Justin Sampson: Lamar
Chris Parker: Lamar

Versailles vs. Fair Grove
Chad Plein: Fair Grove
Mike Scott: Fair Grove
Jordan Burton: Fair Grove
Justin Sampson: Fair Grove
Chris Parker: Fair Grove

Class 1 – District 2: CLICK HERE FOR THE BRACKET
Ash Grove vs. Pierce City
Chad Plein: Pierce City
Mike Scott: Pierce City
Jordan Burton: Ash Grove
Justin Sampson: Pierce City
Chris Parker: Pierce City

Thayer vs. Sarcoxie
Chad Plein: Sarcoxie
Mike Scott: Thayer
Jordan Burton: Thayer
Justin Sampson: Sarcoxie
Chris Parker: Thayer

Class 1 – District 3: CLICK HERE FOR THE BRACKET
Lockwood vs. Cass-Midway
Chad Plein: Lockwood
Mike Scott: Lockwood
Jordan Burton: Lockwood
Justin Sampson: Lockwood
Chris Parker: Lockwood

Liberal vs. Adrian
Chad Plein: Adrian
Mike Scott: Adrian
Jordan Burton: Liberal
Justin Sampson: Adrian
Chris Parker: Adrian

Class 1 – District 4: CLICK HERE FOR THE BRACKET
Tipton vs. Lincoln
Chad Plein: Lincoln
Mike Scott: Lincoln
Jordan Burton: Lincoln
Justin Sampson: Lincoln
Chris Parker: Lincoln

Osceola vs. Greenfield
Chad Plein: Greenfield
Mike Scott: Greenfield
Jordan Burton: Greenfield
Justin Sampson: Greenfield
Chris Parker: Greenfield

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