Glendale quarterback Alex Huston national career record watch

The regular season is winding down, and with that in mind we are checking in on Glendale quarterback Alex Huston and his chase for national career records. He already owns single-game records for completions, attempts and passing yards, but depending on how deep the Falcons go in the playoffs, he could be in line for many more records.

Glendale is guaranteed 10 games this year, but could play up to 15 if the Falcons were to not get a bye in districts and win a state title. At a minimum, Glendale has three games left and at a maximum eight games

Below are where Huston stands in each category for his career. Below the table you will see his per game average this season in each category and how many games it would take him to break the record at that pace.


Pass Completions
Rank Name Number
1 Maty Mauk 1,353
2 Alex Huston 1,120

2017 Average Per Game: 41.3
Games needed to break record: 5.6

Pass Attempts
1 Maty Mauk 2,110
2 Ben Mauk 1,905
3 Chris Leak 1,745
4 J.R. House 1,725
5 Alex Huston 1,634

2017 Average Per Game: 58.1
Games needed to break record: 8.1

Passing Yards
1 Maty Mauk 18,932
2 Ben Mauk 17,364
3 Chris Leak 15,593
4 Myles Brennan 15,138
5 Alex Huston 15,072

2017 Average Per Game: 476.1
Games needed to break record: 8.1

Touchdown Passes
1 Maty Mauk 219
2 Alex Huston 187

2017 Average Per Game: 6
Games needed to break record: 5.3

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