2017 SWCL Spring Softball All-Conference Teams

The SWCL presented their 2017 spring softball all-conference teams.


SWCL Conference MVP: Emily Mendenhall, Senior, Clever


All-SWCL First Team

Pitcher – Emily Mendenhall, Senior, Clever
Pitcher – Olivia Edwards, Sophomore, Crane
Cather – Allison Nolan, Senior, Clever
Catcher – Emily Shipman, Freshman, Forsyth
Infield – Jaden Box, Senior, Blue Eye
Infield – Taylor Farmer, Senior, Clever
Infield – Maddie Moreland, Junior, Crane
Infield – Taylor Menzies, Senior, Clever
Infield – Peyton Gillman, Senior, Forsyth
Outfield – Brooklynn Box, Junior, Blue Eye
Outfield – Ashten Graaf, Sophomore, Clever
Outfield – Lauryn Stiffler, Senior, Forsyth
Outfield – Gabby Cole, Senior, Clever
Utility – Karissa Chambers, Junior, Forsyth


All-SWCL Second Team

Pitcher – Kelsey Harris, Senior, Forsyth
Pitcher – Bailey May, Senior, Galena
Catcher – Eryn Akin, Senior, Crane
Catcher – Jordan Rollings, Freshman, Spokane
Infield – Kacie Baxter, Senior, Billings
Infield – Citllaly Haro, Senior, Spokane
Infield – Kyndra Drake, Sophomore, Forsyth
Infield – Maggie Brown, Freshman, Sparta
Infield – Kassidy Watts, Sophomore, Sparta
Infield – Mary Yocum, Junior, Galena
Outfield – Jadyn Greene, Junior, Galena
Outfield – Brooke Geiger, Freshman, Spokane
Outfield – Jennifer Culver, Sophomore, Billings
Outfield – Sadie Burke, Senior, Crane
Outfield – Elizabeth Yeager, Junior, Sparta
Utility – Emily Ladbetter, Senior, Clever


All-SWCL Honorable Mention

Pitcher – Emily Helms, Sophomore, Blue Eye
Catcher – Elizabeth Gearing, Sophomore, Billings
Catcher – Breann Anderson, Senior, Sparta
Catcher – Britney Doucey, Freshman, Galena
Outfield – Micayla McClure, Freshman, Spokane
Utility – Genesis McTeer, Senior, Sparta


Coach of the Year: Hannah Keith, Crane

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