2017 Uniform Of The Year Bracket: Short Shorts Regional, Round of 64

Welcome to the Short Shorts Regional of the 2017 Uniform Of The Year Bracket. This round of voting will remain open through midnight Sunday, March 19. Click here for the full bracket and here for the original introductory post explaining the bracket poll.

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(1) Webb City Football vs. (16) Crane Volleyball


If more people used powder blue, the world would be a better place. Webb City has put a claim on it in the area and it shines best in the white-top football uniforms. They’re clean, classic and unmistakably Webb. Simplicity does well for Crane volleyball here. Old-school font used for the lettering and a single (smaller) yellow number on the front with the school name across the back looks great.

(8) Kickapoo Boys Basketball vs. (9) Kickapoo Boys Basketball


Oh that cursive “Kickapoo.” It looks too good on each jersey so we’re making you decide which gets to advance. Is it those clean whites or those classic all-yellows?

(5) Willow Springs Softball vs. (12) Miller Football


Willow Springs softball looks great with these maroon unis and white helmets. The bear mascot takes center stage on both and we loved the choice to go with an oversized logo on the uniform itself. Plus, white pants and a dark-colored high sock pairing is always good. Miller’s silver and white got the Cardinals here. We loved the silver pants and helmets and the half-stripe trio of red/white/red on the pants and red/white/silver/white/red on the sleeves are both cool and different touches for this era of uniforms.

(4) Nixa Football vs. (13) Glendale Girls Soccer


The all-grey Nixa football uniforms were an automatic bid. Something about grey-on-grey always looks good and when you add the red-chrome-outlined eagle to the (also grey) helmet with its red facemask, and you’re in good shape. Glendale girls soccer knows that simple is sometimes best. The sky blue uniforms alone would be too simplistic, but that red stripe across the chest and sleeves (and the choice of blue knee socks) make this a great uniform.

(6) Willard Football vs. (11) Monett Boys Soccer


Grey tops, black sleeves, black helmet and black pants make this Willard combo one of our favorites on the football end. Something about it just looks tough, man. Monett boys soccer is here for its great use of the purple/yellow fading gradient. Just another example of Monett doing uniform design right.

(3) Republic Basketball vs. (14) Salem Softball


“REPMO.” For both the boys and girls of Republic basketball, that earns you a 3-seed. The “REPMO” usage is no secret around here, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve recognition for its utilization on these uniforms. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a black-on-black combo highlighted by orange. Salem softball has found some middle ground between the North Carolina Tarheels and Carolina Panthers with this color combo. We love the navy blue and powder blue and the powder-blue brim on the helmet is a nice touch.

(7) McDonald County Softball vs. (10) Camdenton Boys Basketball


McDonald County did a great job extenuating one of the cooler mascots/logos in the region. The black on black is a smart touch when you have a color like red to work with for a secondary, then when you add those tri-striped stirrups and the mustang on the sleeves, you’ve got a great uniform. Camdenton has done a nice job taking advantage of its NBA namesake, using “LAKERS” across the front of these whites and the Lakers “L” over the yellow basketball on the back-center of the uniform. Plus, the purpe/yellow blocks down the shorts are a good touch.

(2) Monett Softball vs. (15) Parkview Boys Basketball


Monett took the 1970s/80s-style MLB multi-colored horizontal stripe uniforms and made them AWESOME. The multi-colored purple stripes that make up the gradient separating the full-white top-half of the tops from the full-purple pants and lower torso is beautiful. The “MONETT” block lettering is great. The yellow, left-offset numbers inside the gradient are perfect and the tri-striped white knee socks just add to everything else. This is Monett’s best uniform, and that’s saying a lot. Parkview took the all-yellow that people either love or hate and made us love it. These look great on the Vikings, an the yellow Vikings horn inside the green stripe on the shorts is a good touch.




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