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1 Awards: No time off for Glendale's Klousia

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Even the most serious high school athletes will take the month of June off. With school just letting out and any form of practice for fall sports at least a month away, June is the time to hang out with friends, take a vacation, or just relax at the pool. Glendale’s Micah Klousia doesn’t adhere to this idea.



He was returning from a tennis tournament in Kansas City as we spoke to him on the phone. He will be heading to another tournament in Omaha in a week and will be playing in Oklahoma City the weekend after that. It is the middle of June, and Micah Klousia is as dedicated as ever.

“There is no offseason for me,” Klousia said.

It is easy to see where this dedication comes from. His father, Jim Klousia, was head coach of the Missouri State tennis program for 27 years. Micah was involved with the game before he even knew what it was.

“My dad would just roll me the ball when I was a little kid and I would just whack it,” said Klousia.

At the age of seven, Klousia traveled with this father and the MSU tennis team to a match in Hawaii. It is hard to say what was most significant about that trip, but Klousia designates it as the moment that he committed himself to the sport.

“That is when I really started to work,” said Klousia.   

And he did just that. With relentless focus and dedication, Klousia followed in his father’s footsteps and began to turn heads in the Springfield tennis scene. Tennis is an individual sport though, and a dedicated young player like Klousia sacrifices some of the social experiences that his peers get to have. This is why he is thrilled to play at Glendale and be a part of a team.

“I love Glendale. I have some much fun there,” said Klousia. “It’s just nice to be on a team. My whole life I have played as an individual, so it’s nice to be on a team.”

Klousia explains that his best friends are from the tennis team.

“It’s awesome to be on the team with my two best friends; Luke Hansen and Chat Myers,” said Klousia. “It’s great to be able to leave tennis and just go hang out.”

The Falcons have been very happy to have Klousia, too. He capped off his sophomore season with a second consecutive team district championship as well as a 2nd place finish in the Ozark Conference and a third place finish in the state singles tournament. Joplin’s Jeremy Lynn won both the OC title and Class 2 State Singles title.


“It was a tough draw, Lynn is a great player but now he is moving on, so I think I will have a better shot at it next year,” said Klousia.

As for the team aspect of the game, Klousia thinks the Falcons will have a legitimate chance at taking down their rivals Rock Bridge.

“It was a bummer to lose to Rockbridge,” said Klousia. “But I really think we will have a shot at them next year.”

Overall, Klousia has designated his goal for next year as winning state as both a team and an individual.

As for the long term goal, Klousia knows exactly where he wants to be heading when he graduates in two years.

“The goal is D1, that is why I work so hard to maintain a good ranking,” said Klousia.

There is no doubt that he is putting in the work needed to achieve his goal.
Getting to know Micah Klousia
Favorite team? Kansas City Chiefs
Pregame superstitions? None
Most disliked athlete? LeBron James
Favorite movie? Napoleon Dynomite
Favorite actor? Jennifer Aniston
Favorite athletic memory? Winning a national in Georgia
Song on your iPod you are ashamed of? U and Dat
Hidden talent? My 3 point shot is money

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