Posted: Tuesday, 09 April 2013 10:09PM

Lakers edge past Helias to win Laker Relays

Camdenton, Mo. (For  -- It's not often an event comes down to the pole vault, but that's what happened on Tuesday as Camdenton placed second and third in the final event at the Laker Relays, and edged second-place Helias by one point in the process.

Senior Nick Blevins placed second and Jared Kilpack placed third in the vault and the Lakers swept both the boys and girls' meets. The boys finished with 126 points, while Helias finished with 125.
"We haven't won our Laker Relays in nine years on the boys' division so I am really proud of our guys," Camdenton head coach Nick Brock said. "It's excellent because about the same schools have been coming.
"Helias is one of the better private schools that compete at a high level. And, Blair Oaks came down this year for the first time and they are a good team as well."
Freshman Denver Hanson won the 110-meter hurdles (15.6 seconds) and sophomore Josh Martin won the long jump (21-2.5) and finished third in the triple jump to lead the Lakers. 
Senior Chase Nugent finished second in the shot (49-5) behind Helias' junior Will Fife (57-3) and third in the discus (141-10).
The Camdenton girls' track team ran away with the girls' meet, recording 151.5 points, well ahead of second-place Waynesville's 110 points. The Lakers won three events on the girls' side, and earned a medal (by way of placing in the top four) in 15.


Junior McKenzie Wright swept three jumping events, winning the high jump (5-2), the long jump (17-0) and the triple jump (36-7.5).
"We got injured a little bit today so we are going to have to get healthy again before we can start improving in our relays," Brock said. "We seem to be progressing as the season gets closer to conference and districts. 
Our distance guys are scoring points for us. We are scroing a lot of points in a lot of the events."
Jeremy Ryan finished second in the 3,200 and fourth in the 1,600, Kemper Virtue placed third in the 800, Tessa Webber placed second in the 1,600 and Elvy Ramirez placed fourth in the 3,200 for  Camdenton.
The Waynesville Tigers won three relay events and seven total.
"The boys came over tonight and did  a lot better than what we have done early in the season," Waynesville head coach Mike Rawlings said. "We aren't young, but we are inexperienced in the sport of track. Each meet we are seeying a lot of growth in what we are doing.
"Tonight we saw what we thought we were capable of doing. The weather has put everybody behind. We had the whole first week of practice inside. We haven't been inside that much in the last five years combined. Even our first couple of meets it snowed. It's not an excuse but you will see a lot of kids peak later in the year than what they normally do."
The Tigers placed first and second in the boys' high jump, led by junior Kelvin Williams (5-10) and Indaqual Presberry (5-8). Williams, Nick Farmer, E.J. Green and Warren Womack won the 100-meter relay (44.9).
"We had a pretty good lead," Womack said. "My teamates came out of the gate strong and all I had to do was maintain. We are a real close knit group and push each other to go hard at practice. 
"The girls have been doing there thing all year. This is my first year and it feels great to be out here with them."
Waynesville senior Dorothy Adams won the 400 (1:00.2) and freshman Ariel Okorie won the 100-meter hurdles (16.6). Adams, Jynessa Thomas, Kaprina Stewart and Mya Dorseey won the 100-meter relay, and Adams, Stewartm Aryrela Montgomery and Zjandro Samuels won the 200-meter relay.
"I have been out for a month so we are trying," Samuels said. We are just pushing trying to get better. 
"'Train insane or remain the same is our motto.'"
Springfield Central freshman Jaslyn Williams swept the 100-meter (13.0) and 200-meter (27.4) dashes, and Central senior Tavion Neal won the triple jump (43-0).
Lebanon senior Aren Martin also swept the 100-meter (11.2) and 200-meter (22.6) dashes, and helped the Yellowjackets 400-meter relay team place third.
Despite the standout performance, Martin said it could have been even better.
"I need to get off the blocks a little bit faster and I just went out there and ran my race," he said. "I just want to meet my goals and show who I really am. I didn't get it today but hopefully I will Friday (at Blue Springs)."
on Tuesday, at Bob Shore Stadium
Boys' team scores
1. Camdenton 126 2. Helias 125 3 Smith-Cotton 100.5 4. Waynesville 76 5. Blair Oaks 73 6. Osage 58 7. Lebanon 52 8. Central 46.5 9. Hillcrest 25.5
Girls' team scores
1. Camdenton 151.5 2. Waynesville 135 3. Blair Oaks 110 4. Helias 87 5. Osage 80.5 6. Lebanon 50 7. Central 49 8. Smith-Cotton 30 
100 — 1. Aren Martin, Lebanon, 11.2 2. Robbie Mueller, Osage, 11.3, Griffin McCurren, Helias, 11.4 4. Quinten Randolph, Lebanon, 11.5
200 — 1. Aren Martin, Lebanon, 22.6 2. Josh Woodruff, Helias, 23.3 3. Robbie Mueller, Osage, 23.3 4. Kelvin Williams, Waynesville, 23.6
400 — 1. Griffin McCurren, Heliasm 49.7 2. Loguen Lewis, Hillcrest, 51.8 3. Michael Lewis, Glendale, 52.1 4. Luke Guier, Smith-Cotton, 53.4
800 — Jacob Lamb, Smith-Cotton, 2:02 2. Brady Ritzert, Smith-Cotton, 2:06 3. Kemper Virtue, Camdenton, 2:06 4. Jon Colgan, Osage, 2:09
1,600 — 1. Michael McCoy, Helias, 4:41 2. Tristan Hensley, Osage, 4:49 3. Thomas Asmar, Helias, 4:50 4. Jeremy Ryan, Camdenton, 4:51
3,200 — 1. Brett Voss, Blair Oaks, 10:16 2. Jeremy Ryan, Camdenton, 10:49 3. Connor Brady, Camdenton 10:52 4. Jason Otto, Blair Oaks, 10:53
110 hurdles — 1. Denver Hanson, Cadenton, 15.6 2. Chase Duren, Blair Oaks, 15.8 3. Noah Blume, Helias, 16.0 4. Robert Haribson, Waynesville, 16.8
300 hurdles — 1. Luke Reondale, Smith-Cotton, 41.2 2. Denver Hanson, Camdenton, 42.9 3. Mitchell Budd, Helias, 43.6 4. Josh Rovey, Central, 43.7
100 relay — 1. Waynesville, 44.9 2. Central, 45.4 3. Glendale, 45.7 4. Smith-Cotton, 45.8
200 relay — 1. Blair Oaks, 1:34 2. Helias, 1:34 3.  Central, 1:34 4. Waynesville, 1:36
400 relay — 1. Helias, 3:26 2. Smith-Cotton, 3:26 3. Lebanon, 3:28 4. Blair Oaks, 3:32
800 relay — 1. Osage, 8:40 2. Camdenton, 8:41 3. Blair Oaks, 8:45 4. Helias, 8:52
High jump — 1. Kelvin Williams, Waynesville, 5-10 2. Indaqual Presberry, Waynesville, 5-8 3. Chance Johnson, Smith-Cotton, 5-8 4. Jacob Wise, Camdenton, 5-6
Long jump — 1. Josh Martin, Camdenton, 21-2 2. Derek Kerbo, Smith-Cotton, 20-8 3. Leonard Farris, Waynesville, 20-4 4. Ryan Tannehill, Helias, 20-3 
Triple jump — 1. Tavion Neal, Central, 43-0 2. Kyle Smith, Camdenton, 43-0 3. Josh Martin, Camdenton, 41-2 4. Zach Wolf, Smith-Cotton, 41-1
Shot put — 1. Will Fife, Helias, 57-3 2. Chase Nugent, Camdenton, 49-5 3. Desean Stokes, Waynesville, 48-11 4. Jonah Hill, Hillcrest, 48-6
Discus — 1. Will Fife, Helias, 170-2 2. Desean Stokes, Waynesville, 168-6 3. Chase Nugent, Camdenton, 141-10 4. John Karsten, Blair Oaks, 141-6
Pole vault — 1. Zac Volk, Smith-Cotton, 12-6 2. Nick Blevins, Camdenton, 12-0 3. Jared Kilpatrick, Camdenton, 12-0 4. Brad Thomas, Blair Oaks, 11-0
100 — 1. Jaslyn Williams, Central, 13.0 2. Maisy Borden, Camdenton, 13.1 3. Abi Williams, Camdenton, 13.3 4. Zjandro Samuels, Waynesville, 13.3
200 — 1. Jasyln Williams, Central, 27.4 2. Zjandro Samuels, Waynesville, 27.6 3. Aryela Montgomery, Waynesville, 27.7 4. Polly Dinsdale, Camdenton, 27.9
400 — 1. Dorthy Adams, Waynesville, 1:00 2. Emily Thomas, Central, 1:01 3. Madison Day, Lebanon, 1:04 4. Sarah Wages, Camdenton, 1:05
800 — 1. Jamie Eckford, Waynesville, 2:29 2. Daisy Ralston, Osage, 2:44 3. Resha Swanson, Waynesville, 2:46 4. Kallie Kerperin, Blair Oaks, 2:51
1,600 — 1. Kaitlyn Shea, Helias, 5:34 2. Tessa Weber, Camdneton, 5:37 3. Gabby Hill, Osage, 5:57 4. Molly Light, Helias, 5:58
3,200 — 1. Alyson Jones, Blair Oaks, 12:31 2. Megan Graessle, Blair Oaks, 13:05 3. Gabby Hill, Osage, 13:47 4. Elvy Ramirez, Camndeton, 13:50
100 hurdles — 1. Ariel Okorie, Waynesville, 16.6 2. Judy Keys, Camdenton, 16.9 3. Brittney Engelbrecht, Helias, 17.9 4. McCailey Brick, Osage, 18.4
300 hurdles — 1. Michaella Forck, Blair Oaks, 50.3 2. Ariel Okorie, Waynesville, 51.4 3. Marionna Ward, Smith-Cotton, 52.3 4. Judy Keys, Camdneton, 53.4

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