Posted: Friday, 29 March 2013 10:11PM

Shockley remains at Skyline thanks to strong community support

Small town life is associated with core American values.  Loyalty, conviction, and standing up for what you believe in even when it's against the odds.

That's why this week you would have found a group of Skyline High School students waving signs along the highway, showing support for a teacher, no less.

Social Studies teacher Bucky Shockley is also the boys high school basketball coach.  And after Shockley's team went 21-9 this season and won a district title, Shockley dropped a bombshell on his players this past Monday.

"He told us he was resigning that day," said Austin McCormick, who was in there for the meeting.

Reports started to circulate that Shockley was being forced to resign, and a number of students became upset.

"Words cannot describe coach Shockley," Madi Wood said. "He's just an amazing teacher."

"He talks to us on our level," added Mariah Reed.

"He's like family," McCormick sighed.

So to show their support, the students started calling themselves "Team Shockley" and went to work.

"We made T-shirts (with supportive messages) and stood outside his class," Reed recalled.  "We wanted to show the administration that we were not happy about it."

"We started a facebook support group," Wood said.  "And within the first 24-hours got over 1,000 likes."

"Which is amazing," added McCormick.  "We only have 200 students in the entire school."

As the "Save Shockley" movement continued to grow, the local diner even got involved as owner Betty Reynolds, a 1974 Skyline graduate, introduced a "Shockwave" shake to the menu.

"I just figured we'd name a shake after him to show our support," Reynolds said.  "Skyline is a good school but they've made a little mistake for not wanting to keep coach Buck."   

So when the school board met in closed session on Thursday night, a group of students were standing right outside the door.

"We were hoping that our voices are being heard," Wood explained.  "And that the school board realizes that this is a huge mistake."

After a two hour board meeting, it was coach Shockley who exited the door and stood in front of a sea of anxious faces.

"I will continue to be the boys basketball coach here next season," Shockley said as the students exploded in applause and celebration. "I hope everyone will unite and show their pride because that's what separates us from every other school in Missouri."

With that, the students roared their approval again and dispersed into the night...their loyalty and conviction rewarded.

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