Posted: Friday, 07 December 2012 1:26AM

Willard wrestling wins home triangular

Willard, Mo. (For  -- The Willard Tigers wrestling team dominated in a triangular against the Camdenton Lakers and the Marshfield Blue Jays. The Tigers defeated the Lakers 46-34 and squashed the Blue Jays 66-17.

The majority of the Tigers wins were decisive—from pinning their opponents. Of the fought matches against the Lakers and the Blue Jays, 15 of 17 were pins.


The Lakers’ Kris Paschel put up a worthy fight against the Tigers’ Kaleb Crook in the 138 weight class. Paschel put in a takedown and a reversal in the first period. The two were evenly matched through the second period, with two stalemates called. But Crook took control in the third period and pinned Paschel at 5:12.

Crook also pinned Marshfield’s Mike Galbreath at 0:49.

The Tigers’ Codey White (sr.) continued to lead, with two pins of 2:33 and 0:44. Hunter Yeargan (fr.) again showed his strength, with a pin of 2:16 against the Lakers’ Troy Miesner.

“He had a lot of leverage on me. He was a lot taller than me. I really had to work to get my shot to get him down,” said Yeargan.

The Tigers’ Shawn Manis fought two hard matches and achieved two pins. His pin against the Blue Jays’ Josh Weddle was a hard-fought win. Both opponents struggled through two periods with only an escape awarded for each of them. Manis finally outlasted Weddle for a pin at 4:53.

The Tigers coach Kiiler Stephens was excited about his team’s effort.

“We came through with pins. That’s sometimes hard to do. We had moved all of our kids up a weight class. That’s kind of tough sometimes with them when you’re used to lighter guys. But we came through big,” said Stephens.

The Lakers defeated the Blue Jays 57-22.

The Tigers travel to the Carl Junction Tournament on December 8.

Willard 46, Camdenton 34
106 - Dillon Briscoe, Camdenton pinned Wyatt Smith, Willard; 3:25
113 – Josh McDonald, Camdenton (open)
120 – Trevor Casady, Camdenton def. Tyler Wisdom, Willard; 4-0
126 – Anthony Franicevich, Camdenton pinned Jackson Dubois, Willard; 1:09
132 – Zach Ireland, Camdenton def. Tyler Carcione, Willard; 6-0
138 – Kaleb Crook, Willard pinned Kris Paschel, Camdenton; 5:12
145 – Connar Loderhose, Willard def. Daniel Meier, Camdenton; 4-0
152 – Thomas Massengale, Willard pinned Justin DeGuire, Camdenton; 0:52
160 – Codey White, Willard pinned River Darby, Camdenton; 2:33
170 – Hunter Yeargan, Willard pinned Troy Miesner, Camdenton; 2:16
182 – Stacy Eveland, Willard pinned Seth Sassman, Camdenton; 1:05
195 – Luke He, Willard pinned Travis Jordan, Camdenton; 1:21
220 – Isaiah Hills, Camdenton pinned Nicholas McHaffie, Willard; 0:40
285 – Shawn Manis, Willard pinned Josh Keys, Camdenton; 3:11

Willard 66, Marshfield 17
106 – Jesse Johnson, Marshfield def. Wyatt Smith, Willard; 11-6
113 – Zach Fritz, Marshfield (open)
120 – Tyler Wisdom, Willard (open)
126 – Jack Dubois, Willard def. Sean McCorkle, Marshfield; 1-0
132 – Tyler Carcione, Willard pinned Jackie Vo, Marshfield; 0:36
138 – Kaleb Crook, Willard pinned Mike Galbreath, Marshfield; 0:49
145 – Connar Loderhose, Willard (open)
152 – Thomas Massengale, Willard pinned Logan O’Brien, Marshfield; 0:34
160 – Codey White, Willard pinned Tyler Dowdy, Marshfield; 0:44
170 – Hunter Yeargan, Willard (open)
182 – Duane Faller, Willard pinned Alex Walker, Marshfield; 1:18
192 – Luke He, Willard pinned Garrett Harleman, Marshfield; 2:18
220 – Micah Ragsdale, Marshfield pinned Nicholas McHaffie; 0:22
285 – Shawn Manis, Willard pinned Josh Weddle, Marshfield; 4:53

Camdenton 57, Marshfield 22
106 – Jesse Johnson, Marshfield pinned Dillon Briscoe, Camdenton; 5:59
113 – Zach Fritz, Marshfield pinned Josh McDonald, Camdenton; 3:05
120 – Trevor Casady, Camdenton (open)
126 – Anthony Franicevich, Camdenton pinned Sean McCorkle; 3:26
132 – Zach Ireland, Camdenton pinned Jackie Vo, Marshfield; 1:04
138 – Kris Paschel, Camdenton pinned Mike Galbreath, Marshfield; 2:23
145 – Daniel Meier, Camdenton (open)
152 – Justin DeGuire, Camdenton pinned Logan O’Brien, Marshfield; 3:29
160 – River Darby, Camdenton pinned Tyler Dowdy, Marshfield; 1:29
170 – Troy Meisner, Camdenton (open)
182 – Alex Walker, Marshfield pinned Seth Sassman, Camdenton; 1:11
195 – Garrett Harleman, Marshfield pinned Travis Jordan, Camdenton; 0:59
220 – Micah Ragsdale, Marshfield def. Isaiah Hills, Camdenton; 4-0
285 – Josh Keys, Camdenton def. Josh Weddle, Marshfield; 3-0

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