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All-Mid-Lakes Conference 2012 football team

Springfield, Mo. (  -- With a league-best 23 selections, the Strafford Indians were well represented on the 2012 All-Mid-Lakes Conference football team.

Indians quarterback Jacob Wade was the league's offensive player of the year. Joining Wade on the first-team offense were teammates Dallas Hester (WR), Korey Noe (OL) and Dalton Taylor.

Strafford had six first-team picks on defense, and also punter Alex Castillo.

Skyline's Brandon Shelby was coach of the year. The Tigers had six first-team selections on offense. Linebacker/tight end Tyler Curts was a first-team pick on both sides of the ball and the Mid-Lakes Conference defensive player of the year.

Catch photos from football games involving Mid-Lakes teams here:
1st team offense
QB        Jacob Wade                Strafford        6’4        235        JR
RB        Logan Allred                Ash Grove        5’9        165        JR   
RB        Austin Hurst                Ash Grove         5’10        155        SR
RB        Logan Bryan                 Skyline                5’11        160        SR     
FB        Luke Ivey                       Fair Grove        6’2        198        JR    
TE        Tyler Curts                Skyline         6’3        200        SR      
WR        Travis Timmerman        Skyline                5’10        150        SR 
WR        Jared Freddie                Skyline                5’9        145        SR     
WR        Dallas Hester                Strafford        6’1        150        SO  
OL        Jordan Rhoten                Ash Grove        5’10        200        JR     
OL        Sawyer Padgett        Fair Grove        6’4        239        SR 
OL        Adam Kingston        Skyline                5’9        235        SR
OL        Zak Wilkerson                Skyline                6’0        200        SR
OL        Korey Noe                Strafford        6’1        215        SR    
RS        Dalton Taylor                Strafford        6’1        170        SO
Offensive Player of the Year - Jacob Wade Strafford     
Coach of the Year - Brandon Shelby         Skyline   

1st team defense
 DL        Jacob Miller                 Marionville        5’9        220        JR
DL        Zak Wilkerson                Skyline                6’0        200        SR
DL        Blake Bishop                Strafford        6’0        205        SR
DE        Chris Wilken                Skyline                6’1        180        SR
DE        Kory Noe                Strafford        6’1        215        SR
LB        Dustin Mayfield         Fair Grove        5’11        209        SR
LB        Reece Johnson        Strafford        5’9        185        SR
LB        Tyler Curts                Skyline                6’3        200        SR
LB        Jacob Shoemaker         Strafford        5’9        185        SR
DB        Taylor Mooneyham        Ash Grove         6’0        165        JR
DB        Jared Freddie                Skyline                5’9        145        SR
DB        Brady Colier                 Strafford        5’6        140        SO
DB        Dalton Taylor                Strafford         6’1        170        SO
P        Nate Hill                Marionville        6’4        195        SR
PK        Alex Castillo                Strafford        5’9        135         SO
Defensive Player of the Year - Tyler Curts Skyline 
2nd team offense
QB        Dalyn Trippe                Skyline                5’9        165        SR  
RB        Seth Smith                 Marionville        5’8        140        JR 
RB        Collin Sigrest                Pleasant Hope5’9        180        SR 
RB        Dalton Taylor                Strafford        6’1        170        SO 
FB        Reese Johnson        Strafford        5’9        185        SR
TE        Brian Long                 Fair Grove        6’1        198        SR 
WR        Garrett Cline                Ash Grove        6’4        160        JR
WR        Talon Bates                Fair Grove        5’9        143        SR 
WR        Josh Brown                Skyline                6’0        140        SR 
WR        Brady Colier                Strafford        5’6        140        SO  
WR        Brandon Foley                Strafford        5’11        160        SR
OL        Mitchell Hackett        Fair Grove        5’9        181        SO   
OL        Jacob Miller                Marionville         5’9        220        JR  
OL        Chris Wilken                Skyline                6’1        180        SR  
OL        Kade Kelly                Skyline                5’11        240        SO                
OL        Austin Hurrelbrink         Strafford        5’11         200        SR
RS        Logan Allred                Ash Grove         5’9        165        JR 
2nd team defense
DT        Tanner Johnson        Fair Grove         6’1        141        SR
DT        Sawyer Padgett        Fair Grove        6’4        239        SR
DT        Chase Glor                Skyline                6’0        260        SR
DE        Garren Johanson        Ash Grove        6’3        185        SR
DE        Colten Coffey                Skyline                6’0        180        SR
LB        Zach Landis                 Ash Grove         5’11        195        SR
LB        Austin Squires         Fair Grove         5’11        180        SO
LB        Nate Hill                Marionville        6’4        195        SR 
LB        Shane Burkdoll        Stockton        6’0        180        JR
DB        Ryan White                Marionville         5’9        120        JR
DB        Michael Thomas         Fair Grove         6’0        170        SR
DB        Jacob Gettle                 Pleasant Hope5’8        175        JR
DB        Logan Bryan                 Skyline                6’0        140        SR
P        Alex O’Brien                Ash Grove        6’1        160        SR
PK        Alex O’Brien                Ash Grove        6’1        160        SR
RS        Travis Timmeramn        Skyline                5’10        150        SR
HM offense
QB        Michael Thomas         Fair Grove        6’0        170        SR
RB        Jacob Gettle                Pleasant Hope5’8        175        JR
RB        Kai Brown                Stockton        6’0        195        SR 
RB        Jacob Shoemaker        Strafford        5’9        185        SR
FB        Taylor Mooneyham         Ash Grove        5’11        180        JR     
TE        Nate Hill                Marionville         6’4        195        SR   
WR        Alex O’Brien                Ash Grove        6’1        160        SR    
WR        JC Fiedler                Stockton        5’10        135        SR   
OL        Cooper Pearson        Pleasant Hope 6’2        220     JR
OL        Dylan Johnson        Ash Grove        5’11        170         JR
OL        Augie Gracia                Marionville        5’10        210        JR
OL        Jobe Shirk                Pleasant Hope6’1        175        JR 
OL        Myles Rutledge         Stockton        5’10        245        SO     
OL        Andrew Falk                Strafford        6’0        190        SO
OL        Seth Adams                Strafford        6’1        206        SR 
OL        Zach Vader                Skyline                5’10        200        JR 
OL        Tommy Geisendorfer        Marionville        6’3        240        SR
PK        Sean Mulkey                Ash Grove        6’0        140        JR   
HM defense
DT        Jordan Rhoten                Ash Grove        5’10        200        JR
DT        Zak Bennett                Skyline                5’9        175        SR
DT        Jobe Shirk                Pleasant Hope6’1        175        JR
DE        Luke Ivey                Fair Grove        6’2        198        JR
DE        Eulice Claros                Pleasant Hope        5’9        175        SR                
DE        Augie Gracia                Marionville        5’10        210        JR
DE        Seth Adams                Strafford        6’1        206        SR
LB        Devin Dean                Ash Grove         5’10        170        JR
 LB        Josh Evans                Pleasant Hope6’0        175        SR
 LB        Collin Sigrest                Pleasant Hope5’9        180        SR     
 LB        Dylan Caudill                Strafford         6’0        185        JR
 LB        Caleb Anderson        Ash Grove        6’0        165        SO
DB        Alex O’Brien                Ash Grove        6’1        160        SR
 DB        Spencer Rasmussen        Ash Grove        6’0        185        SO
 DB        Wade Brazeal                Pleasant Hope 5’8        155        SO
DB        Dallas Hester                Strafford        6’1        150        SO
P        Jacob Shoemaker        Strafford        5’9        185        SR
  LB        Lathan Kerans         Marionville         6'0         170        SR
PK        Preston Padgett        Fair Grove        5’7        138        SO

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