Posted: Monday, 01 October 2012 8:17PM

Jung and Moles tie for title in District 5 golf tournament

Perfect weather conditions made for nearly perfect play in the District 5 girl’s golf tournament at the Marshfield Country Club. In the end, it was two sophomores, Paige Moles (Marshfield) and Sun Young Jung (Glendale), who stole the show and finished tied for first place.
Winning is not easy. Winning a district championship is even more difficult, and sophomore Paige Moles knows all too well the disappointment of winning an individual conference title and coming up short in the district tournament.
“Last year I won conference but didn’t play as well at districts,” said Moles. “As I get older and more experienced, I know I’m not just staying steady and am progressively getting better. [Winning] also gives me hope for state.”
While Moles and Jung are still young, they should be getting accustomed to winning. Even when things seem to be going badly, both players know how to re-focus and play to the best of their abilities.
“Before the tournament started, the driving range didn’t go very well,” said Moles. “I was frazzled and upset, but, when I get to the first tee, I get into a focus mode and block everything out. I pray throughout the whole round and that really helps me to know that Christ is out there with me.”
Glendale sophomore Sun Young Jung has been on a roll the entire season winning all but one tournament. She admits that nerves are not a big problem for her, even with the pressure of trying to win the district tournament in back-to-back years.
“I just try to not make mistakes and do what I can do. I am more of a person that cares about my individual score than where I place,” Jung said.
In the team competition, the Kickapoo Lady Chiefs won by an impressive 25 strokes. It was only a couple weeks ago that the Lady Chiefs won the Ozark Conference championship over Joplin after a pressure-packed, one-hole playoff. Today, though, the Lady Chiefs wouldn’t allow another team to make it that close.
“They were more relaxed today than they were playing Rivercut,” said second year coach Angie Whytlaw-Odom. “Rivercut is a difficult course to play. There are a lot of places you can get into trouble on Rivercut and the (Marshfield Country Club) is not quite as difficult. They were a little more relaxed which made a big difference.”
Overall, Whytlaw-Odom couldn’t have asked for anything else from her team.
“I was very pleased. I think they have been working really hard and trying to become more consistent as a team as a whole. They are doing a really good job and working to better themselves,” said Whytlaw-Odom.
Qualifiers for District 5 will play Oct. 8 at the Sedalia Country Club.
Team Sectionals Qualifiers
Kickapoo 346
West Plains 371
Individual Sectionals Qualifiers (Par 70)
  1. Paige Moles (Marshfield) 71
  1. Sun Young Jung (Glendale) 71
  1. Pavin Jackson (Lebanon) 80
  2. Courtney Cox (West Plains) 81
  1. Haley Lauren Snow (Kickapoo) 81
  1. Mackenzie Dale Griffin (Camdenton) 83
  2. Anna Maria Arat (Kickapoo) 85
  3. Haesoo Moon (Central) 86
  4. Keely Temple (West Plains) 87
  5. Hailey Hasek (Hillcrest) 89
  1. Bridgette Kelley Wells (Kickapoo) 89
  1. Victoria Howe (Lebanon) 90
  2. Paige Lorine Waggoner (Kickapoo) 91
  3. Kelsy Temple (West Plains) 92
  4. Crosby Keller (Ozark) 98
  1. Taylor Schoonover (Lebanon) 98
  1. Chelsea Nicole Mcqueen (Branson) 99
  1. Ashley Wilkerson (Branson) 99
  1. Shannon Deakins (Ozark) 100
  1. Alexandria Fjeseth (Nixa) 100
  1. Katie Lynn Bird (Camdenton) 101
  2. Megan Dotson (Ozark) 102
  1. Brianna Morgan Knopf (Camdenton) 102
  1. Ali Maree Stone (Branson) 102
  1. Emma Ruth Beason (Kickapoo) 105
  2. Taylor Guffey (West Plains) 111

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