Smith updates Wilson's injury status and talks about Alabama

Arkansas head coach John L Smith discussed injury updates, the loss to ULM and Alabama on the SEC Teleconference this week. A transcript can be found below and audio in the player above.

On Injury updates:
“Kevin Mitchell ended up having a gall bladder removed, which is totally unrelated to the injury that he had in the game, so he is definitely going to miss as is Cody Walker. He will definitely miss because of his broken leg. (Kaelon) Kelleybrew will be back. Tyler Wilson is day-to-day, so we are still waiting to see what is going to happen with him. He was out there yesterday and so maybe he will be able to get out and do some throwing maybe today a little bit.”

Wilson has not been cleared to return to practice.

On Alabama’s quarterback AJ McCaaron:
“He does everything well to be honest with you. He has some mobility to him, so he can get out of trouble and of course he isn’t going to force the bad ball. I think he does a great job of managing his club. Again, they are able to run the football and do it real well and play action off of that. When they do spread it and throw it they will not only test you up top of course. They are content to take what you give them. They are a good offense and that is kind of the way that good offenses are. They are able to run the football. They are able to throw the football. They are able to take what they are going to get and be satisfied with that and be good enough to live with that and take it on down the field.”

On recovering from the ULM loss:
“Any time after a loss, they are the team on the schedule so they are the ones we have to get ready for. It is crucial for us from a mental standpoint to bounce back to get ready to go and to go to practice with an energy about us. That is the biggest thing, the mental aspect. Everybody has a tendency to drop their chin to the ground and carry it there throughout the week. We as coaches have to get their chin up off ground and get going again and start believing in what it is we are going to get done this week. Continue to progress and not step back.”

On building the confidence of the defense back up:
“(We) went back and looked at the things we did just like everybody does and said there is a tackle here, a missed assignment here, there is an alignment mistake here and point out the little things that if we had done right and been disciplined in what it was we asked to then we make that play and we win that game. If we just do what we are supposed to do then we are ok and we win.”

On Alabama’s struggles in Fayetteville (Crimson Tide is 1-3) and the role the fans play:
“I think it is crucial. We had them here two years ago and I don’t know that any of the fans in the stands sat down the entire game. We need that again this year. We need that 12th man. We need it be just loud and out of control. That energy that you feel in the stadium needs to transpire to our guys. It is crucial get out and get behind these guys. This is the same group of guys that you were behind in spring ball. Don’t be jumping off the bandwagon and get in here and support these guys.”

On the SEC opener and the fact that last week’s loss didn’t knock Arkansas out in the SEC race:
“That is what we tried to point out on day on coming back on Sunday is that things haven’t changed. We are still undefeated in league, so let’s carry on. Let’s go to the practice field and get better.”

On replacing Kevin Mitchell:
“The two guys that will probably end up playing will probably be Kelleybrew out there and (JaMichael) Winston. We have to do a better job of maybe pulling a guy that we were thinking about redshirting in a (Jared) Collins out and getting him prepared. You would like to save a redshirt if you could, but you have to prepare that guy just to make sure you have enough bodies to get you out of a game should something happen.”

On if Brandon Allen will go if Wilson can’t or if there will be a battle between Allen and Brandon Mitchell:
“It is going to be a battle and we expect it to continue on today and maybe a little bit tomorrow. And who knows, maybe Tyler will be back ready to go.”

On getting his team ready to face adversity:
“What you try to do is relate to what they have been through (like) the work that we done in the summer time and the work that they did last spring, the work they did last winter and the work that they did this fall. Pull upon that (experience) and use that and the fact that we have to fight through this. You have done this in the past. This is nothing more than the grind that we put you through in the summer time. You have to continue to grind. The other fact is that we are going to make it hard on the guys out there. If you are not a part of this and you are not totally in the boat then get the heck out of here. That is what we have told our guys. It is going to take a renewed energy about all of us and some us are going to have that and if you don’t have that then you don’t need to show up. You can watch from the stands if you like.”

On what Brandon Mitchell brings to the table:
“Brandon is very athletic, so he has some mobility back there. He can throw the football. He can move out and he is definitely going to play some wideout as well. You have to assume that Brandon is going to be out there a ton. His wide-out duties would be limited if he goes strictly with quarterback duties. He is battling with that spot, but again he brings a big, tall, mobile, very capable passer to the field for us.”

More on Tyler Wilson:
“I am more optimistic, but that decision has not been made yet and it is not in my hands. I am keeping my fingers crossed as well.”

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