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Sports fans, you're not alone

As a sports reporter I’ve long been told “people don’t care about sports.”  Well fellow athletic enthusiasts, we know that’s not true, and you are proving the pudding.

As if a gift sent down from the heavens, we at KY3 Inc. have been blessed with a support system to provide you with a vehicle for your sports passion.  In early October we will surpass the 1 million page view mark on OzarksSportsZone.com, and it’s you the viewers who have made that possible.

Sports are an integral part of our society, and while it doesn’t carry the clout of a presidential election or decade long economic downturn, it is the fire in the depths of many that carries them through. 

Grind it out all day, waiting to watch your team on Monday Night Football.  Push it all week, so you can unwind with a little Friday night lights.  Punch in, punch out all year and awake on Super Bowl Sunday as if you were a child scurrying to the presents on Christmas morning.

What would Notre Dame be without Touchdown Jesus?   What would the Big Apple be without the Bronx Bombers?   What would Big D be without the Boys?  You get my point, but remember, it can all be taken away without your support.

It took many baseball fans years to recover from the 1994 MLB strike.  The NHL finds itself on the doorsteps of extinction because of its labor disputes.   And the NFL’s referee fiasco has the social media world bursting at the seams. 

But the crazy part, the truly impossible to explain part, is that we the fans just keep coming back.  $300 a ticket?  Sign me up.  $10 a beer?  Pour it tall.  $25 to park?  Show me the way.

Locally, that’s not always the case however.  Attendance at Hammons Field has dropped every year since the Springfield Cardinals came to the Ozarks 8 years ago.  Just ask Wichita about supporting the team.  The Midwest city of nearly half a million lost its Minor League team because they took it for granted.  Don’t let that happen here!

Missouri State is in the midst of an athletic drought.  A University of 23,000 strong has seemingly yawned at the Bears as they fight to regain the success of the glory days.  Don’t be that fair weather fan!

The nightly news sports segment continues to get trimmed like a butcher to a fine steak, while weather is strategically placed as if a much needed gallon of milk at the far side of the grocery store.

Am I jealous?  You bet.  Sports are my passion, and I believe many of you are in the same boat.  After all, where would be without sports originated cliché’s like: be a team player, don’t drop the ball and they don’t pull any punches?

So “step up to the plate” “answer the bell” and let’s “knock it out of the park.”  Support your team; good times and bad.

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09/27/2012 11:09AM
Sports fans, you're not alone
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09/27/2012 1:09PM
I think it would be great for the media to give equal time to local high school sports. Last week Parkview beat Camdenton and there were no photos or video of it. They only did an oh by the way Parkview won between highlights of other high school games. But please don't jump on the Parkview bandwagon now. If you weren't with us from the beginning don't try to roll with us now
11/01/2012 6:01PM
Amen Coverage
It is extremely disappointing that we have a team in this city that is creating so much excitement and some of the major reporters just ignore the team or report on in in such a way that you know they weren't even at the game. I sit at those Parkview games every week and see people sitting all around that have no kids in the school, but are genuinely excited to watch them. But to watch what the Springfield reporters say, you would clearly not understand all of the cheering and excitement. Thank God for TAGsgf.com and the Springfield Newsleader. They figured it out.
11/04/2012 11:20PM
Can't please everyone
I've really enjoyed all of the coverage, photos, and stats that this website and the news so provide. Problem is that the media can't be everywhere, all of the time. But if you are a fan of Parkview or any other "forgotten" sports story. Snap your own photo or shoot your own video clip. And submit it with the score to the media. They would be happy for the help.
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