Posted: Friday, 10 May 2013 11:39PM

Flip throw in soccer has become tradition at Bolivar

It's something you don't see much in high school soccer.  But in Bolivar, it's become somewhat of a tradition.  It's the "flip throw".

"It's basically a front hand-stand except your pulling the ball down," Bolivar girls head coach Jeff Edge explained. "It produces a lot of torque (when you throw it) and it's become a true weapon for us."

One way it can be a weapon is as a direct goal score.  Just as you can score a direct goal off a corner kick, so can you with a flip throw with one stipulation.

"Think of it in basketball terms," Edge said.  "In basketball you can't shoot at the goal when you're out- of-bounds. It's the same with the flip throw.  It's not a live ball until someone touches it on the playing field. It can be an offensive or defensive player or the goalkeeper.  Sometimes we try to fire directly at the goal to see if we can get a cheap goal."

Bolivar's fascination with the throw actually began on the boys side with Matt Magana, a fooball kicker and soccer player who excelled at the flip throw.

"In 2009 we were in the state semifinals against Cape Girardeau Notre Dame in overtime," Edge recalls.  "And he flips it from the far sideline.  One of our center mids comes flying in on the backside for a beautiful header and we win 2-1 for a trip to the state final against St. Dominic."

From there, the technique started to be passed down to other players.

"I definitely don't teach it," Edge said.  "But I'm glad older kids keep helping the younger kids."

Currently two players on the team can flip throw.  Senior Abby Martin and junior Elizabeth Harris.  And when they throw the unusual pass, opposing teams can be dumbfounded.

"If they haven't see us before," Edge grins. "It's stand and stare and watch time."

The fans find it very entertaining.

"It's always interesting to hear the parents," Harris said.  "They're like 'my gosh, did you just see that'? It's funny."

"You're always hearing 'oh my, that's cool' from the fans," Martin adds. "Even when they're taking pictures, you can see their facial expressions change.  It makes you laugh because you can tell they're kind of impressed. You feel cool."

The big question now though is will the tradition last? Harris is the only flip thrower left after this season.

"We'll see if we can keep it alive," Edge said.  "But if not, it was great while it lasted."

"We have a lot of girls who want to practice it," Martin said.  "I think it'll keep going because it's become a Bolivar thing."

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