Springfield Catholic embraces another volleyball coach

“It was just very unexpected. We thought we’d at least have the same coach for two years maybe,“ said Springfield Catholic volleyball player Emme Ast.
Ahead of this volleyball season Springfield Catholic was left without a coach once again.
“It was kind of scary for all of us especially the seniors, because this would be our sixth coach in [five] years,“ Ast said.
But in to save the day, comes new head coach Dan Evans.
“There’s probably not a lot of 67-year-old rookie coaches around,“ said Evans.
He might not seem like a hero at first, but his resume shows he’s more than qualified.
“I’ve been a head coach in four sports and an assistant coach and for five sports. I’ve been an athletic director at Ozark, and a principal at Ozark High Achool,” Evans said. “This is my 43rd year. It’s still fun to come to work every day so that’s why I keep doing it.“
67 years young, Coach Evans is proof that you’re never too old to try something new.
“I’ve had friends that retired and they really didn’t like it. They felt like they got older, and so I feel like I probably get more out of coaching than maybe the girls do,“ said Evans.
But if you ask the Fightin’ Irish, they did say they got pretty lucky this time around.
“Now that it’s Coach Evans and we’re doing even better than last year it feels good,“ Ast said.
As the end of the season approaches, there’s one big question that needs answered.
“Oh, I’ll be back for sure. Unless somebody chases me out of the building with a broom or something. You know, this is our second senior class in a row that’s had a different coach every year in high school. I promised them when I took the job that time was over and I’d be back,“ said Evans.
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