Family connections help Greenfield find volleyball success

When you watch Greenfield volleyball play, the teamwork just looks natural.

“It helps to feel like you know where they’re going to be,” said Greenfield junior Jodie Lewis.

“She reads my mind a lot, honestly, and puts the set perfectly,” said Greenfield senior Morgan Wright about her younger sister, Marlie.

That connection is no surprise when you look at the Lady Wildcats roster and see three different sets of sisters.

“Most of them all play basketball together, as well as run track together, play softball together. So it is helpful,” said Greenfield Head Coach Marla Kemp.

It’s part of what helped them win districts last year.

But in typical sibling fashion, they don’t always agree on everything.

“We know how to make each other mad easily,” said Greenfield sophomore Tatum Torres about her twin, Trista. “Yeah, usually. Yeah we make each other mad a lot.”

“She’s a sassy jerk all the time,” added Morgan Wright about Marlie.

But Marlie, a sophomore, says she knows where she gets it from.

“[Morgan], for sure. 100% yes.”

Sometimes, that bickering needs a limit.

“I tell them to leave it off the court,” Kemp said. “I’ve actually followed them off the court and said ‘let’s go home. Take it home.’”

But the relationships between the sisters is really just an example of the Greenfield program as a whole.

“We try to do things in our community and just build the sisterhood type atmosphere for our team anyway, and it’s definitely helpful,” Kemp said.

For the Lewis sisters and Wright sisters, it’s the last year they’ll ever play on the same team as Sabrina Lewis and Morgan Wright will graduate in the spring.

That means it’s the last year of making these memories together.

“It’s kind of sad,” said Greenfield senior Sabrina Lewis.

“Yeah, I’m going miss having her on the same team,” added Jodie Lewis.

“It’s bittersweet for the most part and I’m not ready to see it end,” said Morgan Wright.

But when it does, maybe it will end with another district championship.

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